The belief in Spirit and Totem animals is not a modern one. The people of prehistoric times
and primitive cultures have laid the groundwork for modern consciousness exploration.
In many languages, the word for spirit is also the word for breath — which leaves the body at
death. Spirits could occupy the bodies of living men and animals causing either illness or
insanity, but they often imparted higher wisdom. Psychic powers were gifted to aid from
such spirits. Also found in primitive cultures is the belief in a general spiritual force, which
permeates all of nature. One of the primitive cultures that are still practicing today, are
Shamans. They are known as the 'Healers of Souls'.
Shamanism is a traditional belief whereby through an altered state of consciousness, the
shaman can act as a 'go between' or messenger between human beings and the spirit world.
In some instances, Shamans can be seen going into a trance like state as their spirit leaves
their body and enters into the supernatural world. Another way in which their
consciousness is raised when working with spirit is by drumming, chanting and dancing.
Sound is extremely important to them when connecting with spirit and the drum is a very
important tool to a Shaman. It can have a personal or tribal meaning dependant on what it
is decorated with a large graphic on the front and they hang things onto the drum such as
bells, bones to represent spirit and animals as well as rattles.
The Shamans have a very close bond with Power, or Totem animals. The meaning behind
the name Shaman is translated as 'One who knows'. They will often call on animals to assist
them in certain tasks. The animals act as messengers or can be seen as an omen. They also
represent Animal Spirit Guides or Power/Totem animals.
Everyone has an Animal Spirit Guide.
Power animals are also known as Totem animals or spirit animals. Everyone has a main
animal guide, although just like spirit guides, different ones will come and go throughout
your life especially if you need extra help 'from above', When you call upon the angels for
help, they will always find a way to show you that they have heard your prayers, and
sending an animal spirit guide is one of them!
If you are drawn to a particular animal this could be your Spirit Animal Guide. If you would
like to find out more, I recommend books on the subject by the author Steven Farmer. One
is called Animal Spirit Guides, and the other, Power Animals. They cover the majority of
animals from the spirit world and I refer to these books time and time again whenever I
repeatedly come across a particular animal bird or insect.
The first Spirit animal guide that I saw was a lion when I was little and very afraid at night in
the dark. I thought that the lion 'had come to get me', completely misinterpreting the fact
that he had been sent to protect me, and it's only now, as an adult that I can look back and
realise the significance of that magnificent creature.
Spiritual growth
If you are starting off on your spiritual path, your animal guide will grow with you and this is
often denoted through meditation. For example, when teaching Spiritual Development, one
of my students, Andy, kept seeing a little fawn in his meditations. Because he is a burly
'mans man' he was a bit disappointed that he hadn't seen a great big bear, a lion, or a tiger. I
had to laugh because I knew that as he developed, the little deer would grow with him, and

surely enough, weeks into his course, he eventually saw a majestic stag resplendent with
How do you know what your spirit animal is?
Once you open up to angel energy and embrace your spirituality, there are many ways in
which your animal guide will make themselves known to you, so let's start at the very
beginning. Have you ever felt 'drawn' to a certain animal, bird, or insect? Do you have
pictures on the wall of your house of a particular animal, or do you switch on the television
and there it is? These are just a few of the ways in which your spirit animal will appear to
you. In fact, if I came to visit you it may be apparent straight away which your main spirit
animal guide is. For example, I have a friend who has pictures of eagles, and even eagle
ornaments around the place. Another friend loves owls and has plates depicting owls as well
as owl shaped cushions. There are many clues if you know where to look, and your home
may be the first place to investigate! In my own home I have pictures and figurines of
unicorns and I also love swans – they are always depicted on my business cards and leaflets.
Messenger of light
Taking it one step further now that you are open to celestial energies, your animal spirit
guide will appear in meditations or you may dream about that particular animal.
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