Local residents are refusing to accept the judgement by a court that the town
council are within their rights to identify a beach which can be used by dogs
and their owners. On Sunday 26 th August, the police had to be called to settle
an argument that was taking place between some dogs and their owners and
local residents in la Cala del Moro.
The dispute took place on Sunday morning when once again the signs
advertising the location of the beach had been removed along with the rules
that dog owners must follow. The hostility began at around 1pm as local
residents called the local police to inform them that there were many people
using the beach with dogs in the absence of the sign permitting them to do so.
According to witnesses at the time, the police took details of those using the
beach with dogs whilst the resident continued to verbally abuse them, even
threatening to kill their pets.
The court had declared that the town hall could continue to allocate the beach
in this way as it is in the overall interest of the town’s people. However, local
people who have properties in the area have continued to harass those using
it on a daily basis.
The situation has been made more complicated for the police who are being
called out as it is apparently difficult for them to know exactly where the area
reserved for dogs extends to without the signs being present. During the
disturbances on Sunday the police made their own territorial marks to indicate
where the dogs could and couldn’t go.
The residents claim that they are not responsible for the removal of the signs
but that when they have ‘disappeared’ they have not been replaced.
Councillor Javier Manzanares is responsible for the beaches. In response he
indicated that the signs have been removed at least twice on the Cala del
Moro and three times on the other designated beach of Punta Margalla. There
is currently no end in site to this contentious issue.