Brian from Torrevieja asks:
I apologize but I think you have covered this before but I can’t find the original article. I
bought a new Lenove laptop running Windows 10 which came with a trial version of
Microsoft 365 Office app which was already installed. I rather like it but it is now saying
it will expire in 14 days and its €100 to buy which seems a bit excessive as I only write
the odd letter now and then. I have tried the free Open Office but its way too
complicated for what I want to do and I remember you recommending an alternative.
Aunty Says:
Hello Brian. There is free basic word processing app bundled with Windows called
Wordpad. This will do pretty much does everything that most of us require, plus it is laid
out very similar to Microsoft Word. Click in on the start icon and type WORDPAD and
then double click on the top one in the list that pops up.
Josh via email asks:
Hello, I have read many times your suggestions to run Malwarebytes but when I have
run the scan the number of items listed is very long and very daunting! Are there any
things I should watch out for?
Aunty Says:
Hi Josh. Malwarebytes will find things like Spyware and Potentially Unwanted Programs
(PUPS) and it will often find a lot of things which have built up simply by using the
internet. I always leave Malwarebytes to get on with its job without even looking at what
it has found and I’ve yet to run into any problems after all these years.
Karen via email asks:
I am thinking of uninstalling AVG free from my computer as it is slowing it down on
startup. I can't seem to disable the update on startup. I have CCleaner, Malwarebytes
and Spywareblaster (free). Is that enough to keep it safe, and am I wrong to blame
AVG? It seems worse since I updated it recently. I have version 16.
Aunty Says:
Hi Karen. AVG used to be my favorite free antivirus program but it does seem to have
gone the same way as a lot of the old ones and is so over bloated it seems to cause as
more headaches than it fixes. You will still need an antivirus program alongside the two
anti spyware programs so once you have uninstalled AVG the built in Windows
Defender should switch itself on automatically. Type DEFENDER into the search bar to
check its status.
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