Rose via email asks:
Dear Aunty. I have a TV satellite dish on my roof but I never get a good reception (especially in
bad weather) and I often miss my favortite TV programs. For my internet I use Telecable and I
have been told that because my internet is in Spain, I cannot get UK TV through my PC.
However I have recently read that VPN could be a solution? and that it is reasonably priced but I
would appreciate your opinion on this. I have a brand new HP laptop with Window 10.
Aunty Says:
Hello Rose. With VPN (Virtual Private Network) you can receive normally unavailable TV over
your Internet (known as streaming) but the very first thing you need to do is to check you have a
reasonable line speed (known as bandwith). Go to and email me the results.
I’ve noticed are still getting some good reviews and they offer a free trial.

Alan via email asks:
I´m considering a 4G pay as you go Internet dongle for my laptop so can you suggest a provider
and are they any good?
Aunty Says:
Hi Alan. I have a Vodafone 4G dongle which I only use very occasionally and it is exceptionally
fast and coverage is pretty good here around the Costa Blanca. All the main mobile phone
companies now offer a PAYG or contract packages, but some critical advice I can give you is to
buy one from a provider that has a strong signal in your area (like you would with a mobile
phone) but you really won’t know how well it works until you get it home and plug it in. It is
actually very easy to turn your 4G phone into a kind of mobile dongle so let me know if you
need some advice doing this.
Pauline via email asks:
Dear Aunty. I have a new Asus with Windows 10 to replace my beloved 10 year old Sony laptop
running Vista and I managed to install the new Skype without too many problems except I am
having problems trying to make calls. I have downloaded it from the official Skype website and
have got so far as signing in with my Skype name & password (I know this is correct as I use it
on my old Sony) and I can also make the call-back test call but frustratingly this is as far as it
goes as I cannot see where I can select the Skype names that I want to call
Aunty Says:
Hi Pauline. You should in theory see all of your existing contacts either under the contact menu
option and/or from the “contact” & “recent” headings on the left. With the latest version of
Skype you can simply type in people’s details in the search box on the top left, or better still type
on their email address and pick the most likely match and send a request. Once they have
accepted they will then appear in your contact list. I usually try find their email address first as
this is guaranteed to be 100% unique.
Well that’s all for this week folks, email you questions to
and I will see what I can do.