Author: Claire Richards

Three months of diversions for Guardamar town centre

The Policia Local has announced that road works have begun to upgrade the Avenida del País Valenciano in the centre of Guardamar del Segura. The thrre-month project will specifically affect the area between Calle Ingeniero Mira and the Plaza Pescadores. Vehicles heading south to reach Plaza Constitución now need to turn left onto Calle Ingeniero Mira in order to get there and vehicles heading north must turn left when they reach Calle Mediodía. Vehicles travelling down Calle San Eugenio will no longer be able to turn left towards the Plaza...

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Tackling domestic violence

  On the 18 th September the mayor of Torrrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, signed along with 62 other representative of organisations, political parties and social groups the Pacto Valenciano against domestic violence. The agreement acknowledges 293 ways in which it is intended to tackle this problem. Vice president and councillor for equality and inclusivity, Mónica Oltra, said; ‘Today has been a historic day for all those in valencian society.’ Torrevieja’s mayor, José Manuel Dolón, spoke out against the problem indicating that the intention is to use every method possible including technical, judicial, political, educationto tackle it. Mónica Oltra has...

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Spanish woman now third-oldest in World

Spain’s Ana María Vela Rubio is now officially the third-oldest person on earth after the death of Jamaica's Violet Mosse-Brown aged 117-and- a-half. Ana María, if she is still alive at the end of next month, will be celebrating her 116 th birthday. Born in Puente Genil, Córdoba province, Ana left school at age 11 and became a seamstress before moving to Catalunya in the 1940s, where she still lives. Ana was a compulsive bookworm when her eyesight still allowed her to be, despite her lack of formal education. She began going to the La Vereda nursing home on...

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