Author: Claire Richards

New Radars For Motorbikes Coming Soon

The DGT has announced that they have just spent 860,130 euro on portable speed detecting equipment which can be transported on the motorbikes of the Guardia Civil. The plan to buy the equipment had already been announced some time ago, but the budget has now been allocated which has allowed the purchase of about 60 devices which will allow more speed control check points to be set up and with greater ease for the officers. Although the information has often been misreported as the motorbikes having radar equipment installed, these devices are used by the roadside, standing on a...

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Lane Discipline Explained

There have been a number of reports in the press regarding drivers in Spain being fined for driving in the centre lane of a motorway, even when the road is clear. This is an offence and drivers who do so can be fined, but the reality is, other than we drive on the right in Spain, there is no difference to the UK, where “middle lane hogging” is also an offence. Looking at how the two countries compare on roads with more than one lane in the direction of travel, if we first look at the UK, and what...

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