Giving up Alcohol

I don’t think I am an Alcoholic but I am aware I am drinking too much and want to cut down. I go out socially a lot, and I find drinking less is very difficult. I decided to not drink at all for a while and stopped going out. It was very boring, and I don’t have any fun. I am depressed when I can’t drink.

The key here is moderation. May be try only going out at the weekends, and watching your alcohol unit intake. Also, if you can get fit and do some regular vigorous exercise, this will help you enormously. Exercise produces endorphins and will make you feel good without feeling the need to drink alcohol so much. Perhaps suggest to your friends that you do a weekly exercise class together. Addiction to alcohol can creep up a person over time, and it can be difficult to control the habit. If you want to enjoy the odd drink and not have give up entirely, then it’s time to act before it becomes a big problem.

Can’t buy me love

In the past I have given my children money whenever they have asked for it – thousands and thousands. Now in my old age, I only hear from them when they want something, and they only stay for a very short while – time enough for me to make a transfer. I know I have brought this upon myself, but how can I change things now?

This is going to be tough I am afraid. You have got yourself, and your children into bad habits, and I am sorry to say that they may not have much respect for you if they know you are such an easy touch. As for wanting to change things now, you can tell them that the last hand-out will absolutely have to be the last, because you simply do not have the money to spare. You must stress that you know they will understand, and you are certain that because they love you, they would not want you to endure any hardship.