There’s a perception around the world that Ibiza is a place for all-night clubbing, extravagant lifestyle, and celebrity spotting. These are indeed all aspects of the island’s culture. Once an island becomes known as a party destination for the rich and famous, it’s hard to imagine that aspect of the place fading away anytime soon! However, with Ibiza having been firmly on the map for well over a decade now, it seems that people are slowly but surely starting to recognize that there’s more to enjoy there than just the clubs and the high rollers.

For starters it should be noted that even if the clubs are the main attractions, this is still a part of the Balearic Islands, which is to say it’s a Mediterranean paradise! As such, it stands to reason that the surrounding waters would also be among the top attractions, and true to form they do not disappoint. Ibiza is a wonderful place to stroll along beaches and wade into the sea for a warm dip in clear, picturesque waters. And you can also go further. Scuba is the best way to experience the underwater paradise around Ibiza, and there are numerous scuba schools and excursion centers on the island. And for those who want a similar experience but would rather keep it simple, there are extraordinary snorkel spots as well.

On dry land, there is also entertainment and recreation that goes well beyond the clubs, and much of it is on the hospitality front. As an international tourism hub, Ibiza has sprouted some truly wonderful hotels and resorts, several of which offer beautiful pools, relaxing spas, and all the accompanying amenities you might expect. On a similar note, Ibiza is also home to some casino-style resorts, with Casino de Ibiza, situated on the golden mile (a famous stretch of sand) having been named earlier this year as one of the best casinos in the world to visit during the summer. It’s certainly not a bad option if you’re heading to Ibiza for a bit of fun, but you want to keep it more low-key than the club scene.

If you’re less interested in tourist-geared entertainment and more up for exploration, Ibiza also has plenty of pretty and authentic places to tour as well. That is to say, don’t let its reputation fool you into thinking of it as a purely commercialized paradise! The hills and beaches of Talamanca are populated but idyllic; the northern coast is full of interesting hiking spots, seaside forests, and swaths of unpopulated areas; the Old Town is a treat to walk through; the Dalt Vila is a UNESCO world heritage site; and some of the smaller beaches and small surrounding islands make for edge-of-the-map-like exploration. It’s all lovely, and none of it has much at all to do with busy clubs or hotels.

All in all, Ibiza is something of a hidden gem in the strangest of ways. Despite being recognized around the world as a travel destination, some of its greatest charms are often overlooked.