On the 9 th October there was a public holiday in the Valencian region to
celebrate the community. El Día del Comunitat Valenciana is an annual event
which perhaps was tinged with reflection this year on the relationships
between regions and the nation state. The flag-raising ceremony took place in
the Plaza de la Constitucíon.
Many councillors were in attendance including the mayor, José Manuel Dolón
who had some words to say about the special relationships and function of
the regional administration. ‘Valencia is part of the Spanish project,’ he
explained. ‘We do need, however, fair financing and investment in our
infrastructurewhich is a necessary part of service delivery here.’
The mayor is calling for investment in the N332 which remains an ongoing
debate between regional and national money lenders as to who is responsible
for providing the finance.
Others in attendance included the Guardia Civil, the sea captain of Alicante,
representatives from different societies, the Salt Queen and her entourage.
The band, la Unión Musical Torrevejense, played hymns relating to
Torrevieja, the Valencian community and Spain. The soprano Conchita Pérez
Boj was also there to sing.