Pyjamas, sportswear, pants and t-shirts, were just some of the items that
those donating to the San José Obrero charity have enabled them to buy.
Julie from Carmens Bar in El Chaparral and her customers have been raising
money to fund the purchase of some much-needed items for the 70 children
who live in the orphanage.
The money has been raised through donations and also through the weekly
raffle with the winning prize of a free Sunday roast. Now, added to this
fundraising activity, the bar is selling charity calendars which have been
produced by Andy Ormiston with the support of a number of local businesses.
Lyn and Ken Adams have been assisting Julie in collecting the money and
working with the orphanage to make sure that it is spent on what’s needed
most. ‘We asked them to send us photos of what was bought with the money
and they replied almost straight away,’ said Lyn. ‘It’s good to see where the
money has been spent, and of, course, it reminds us of what they need more
of too.’
The collections continue and more donations and raffle entries will be
gratefully received.