Monday 27 th August saw representatives from the town hall and Agamed, the
local water board, coming together, to look at the ways in which they can work
for the improvement of the town. Present at the meeting was the Councillor for
the environment, Fanny Serrano, the managing director of Agamed, José
Manuel Nadal and biologists Jesús Sánchez and Juan Antonio Pujol.
The meeting began with a review of the projects that have been developed
and carried out in previous years. Consideration was given to existing
programmes and how they might be continued and developed. This has been
a beneficial collaboration that is entering a more formal phase.
One area where it is agreed that more work should be done is in that of
education. ‘We need to carry out more environmental education activities,’
explained Councillor Serrano. ‘This is an area for development particularly
when it comes to work in schools. The youngest in our community need to
learn how to use water in a sustainable way.’
In July a campaign had been carried out to advertise the fact that you can
drink the water locally. Tasting sessions were held in La Mata weekly market
and in the Avenida de Los Marineros close to the tourist information point.
The idea was to encourage people to taste the water and see that it need not
taste of chlorine. This is an environmentally friendly project as the use of
plastic bottles in drinking water production is a major source of concern.
‘We will organise new tasting to continue informing the public of the quality of
the drinking water,’ José Manuel Nadal said at the meeting. Other planned
activities include an environmental and tourism event in the natural parks.
‘Music in the Park’ will take place featuring members of the Torrevieja
Symphony Orchestra by the end of September.
Other plans include the re-vegetation of the area around the water mill and
the replanting and preservation of rare species around the natural park. There
have already been a number of activities involving the removal of invasive
species and these are set to continue.
‘We have been collaborating on environmental matters since our local
government was formed,’ said Councillor Serrano. ‘We have now entered into
a formal agreement that will underpin our joint efforts in preserving and
improving the environment.’