She was an ordinary bank employee in the small municipality of Almoradí, population just
20,000. Yet for 25 years she lived far beyond her means: she owned a big house, drove a
luxury car, and took expensive trips to exotic destinations with her partner, then openly
boasted about it on social media.
Now the mystery has been solved as the Guardia Civil has just discovered the origin of this
lady’s wealth: for a quarter century, she has allegedly been stealing from a Russian client
who had an account at her bank. The name of the bank has not been released either.
Investigators believe that the suspect, a 51-year- old woman whose identity has not been
disclosed, diverted around €1.28 million in funds from an account held by a Russian national
now aged 80. She is being charged with bank fraud and forging documents.
The investigation began a month ago, when the account holder filed a complaint with the
local Civil Guard in Almoradí. According to police sources, the Russian national arrived in
Rojales, near to Almoradí, in 1992. He then opened a bank account in the latter municipality,
and developed a relationship of trust with the suspect.
The account holder rarely checked his balance, but in June of this year he requested a detailed
statement because he was considering switching banks. That is when he realized that over
$1.5 million was missing. Investigators analysed all the transactions linked to that account,
and realized that most money transfers had taken place while the account holder was in
Russia, meaning that he did not authorise them.
Every time the man returned to Russia, his bank balance would be depleted a little more. But
every time he requested information about the balance, the employee would provide
unofficial documents forged by herself, to make it look like his balance had not changed.
The suspect was arrested and released pending trial following her arraignment.