The councilman of Contracting, Francisco Saez, has given an update on the contract for the
provision of chiringuitos on the beaches of Orihuela. The update comes hot on the heels of
annoyance from local residents and holidaymakers at the closure of the beach bars during
the Easter holiday period.
In response to calls for the current supplier to continue until a new service provider is
appointed, Councillor Saez explained that there has "never been any request for an
extension to the contract by the Department of Beaches, so we cannot prolong the contract
The Councillor said that new specifications and valuation criteria have been added to the file
by the Council for Beaches, initiating the new tender dossier. Currently, the municipal
technicians are working on the new specifications and as soon as the file finalised the
department will tender according to the criteria established by the Department of Beaches,
and with accordance to the deadlines specified in Contract Law.
The councillor was keen to point out that his department was not to blame for the fact that
the beach bars are currently closed. He said the official contract ended at Easter 2018 and
was kee to point out that ‘any extension of the contract or the new tender does not depend
on the area of contracting, since we only process the requests that are requested b the
different areas of the municipal government’. He also defended the staff of the Department
of Contracting, saying that they ‘work with professionalism and I do not think it reasonable
to question their work. We are going to try to get the tender out as soon as possible so that
the summer will be covered with the new contract’.