It is a huge responsibility being a lifeguard on the beaches of Torrevieja in the

summer. Every year there are fatalities and anyone who has watched them
supervising bathers and swimmers must wonder what would happen if they
had a call out.
Those out on the beach of Los Náufragos on the 12 th July had a chance to
see. The councillor for beaches, Javier Manzanares, went to Los Náufragos
beach to watch the second simulation of the lifeguard service. The rehearsal
was intended to check the efficiency of the procedure to be put into place if a
bather needs rescuing.
The lifeguards were called to attend to someone who had suffered a heart
attack whilst in the water, 100 metres from the shore where the rocks are.
This presented as a difficult area to access for the lifeguards and was chosen
to test their ability to retrieve a person. The person was placed on a jet ski
with a built-in stretcher and taken back to the beach.
On arrival back at shore, the lifeguards had to perform resuscitation using a
defibrillator until the ambulance arrived and were able to take over. After the
‘victim’ was stabilised he was taken to hospital in the ambulance.
‘Last year was the first year that there was an official contract with a lifeguard
service,’ explained the councillor. ‘The company Unión Temporal de
Empresas are providing this service which can continue until 2022. One of the
stipulations of the contract was that there should be on going training of the
life savers and others who are responsible for bathers’ safety.
It is important that there are rehearsals which allow a very accurate trial of
what would happen if this situation did take place. We want to be sure that we
can guarantee that the fifty people engaged in this service are as prepared as
they can be to provide assistance across our beaches from La Mata to Punta