The Mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, and the councillor of Festivities, Mariola
Rocamora, has officially opened the Municipal Bethlehem scene, known in Spanish as the
Belen, which opened its doors to the public after the reading the Christmas proclamation.
This year the Belen represents three scenes and gives life to the more than 300 figures that
make it up.
"After the success of last year in which Orihuela premiered its Bethlehem, many Oriolan
people are eager to discover this year's composition and continue to revive one of the
oldest traditions of our Christmas," said Bascuñana.
The Councillor of Festivities explained that the Belen "has been built in such a way that
visitors can observe the depth of the landscape, and it has been created to be as realistic as
possible." Councillor Rocamora also explained that the nativity scene is divided into three
spaces: The first one represents the Annunciation, followed by the hub of Bethlehem, and
ends with the flight to Egypt. She pointed out some of the highlights of the Bethlehem,
saying that "among the novelties this year we have an allegory of the Puerta de la Olma, and
we have the Palmeral and Orchard of Orihuela represented."
The Association of Belenistas de Elche has been responsible for shaping this belenística
composition, which has a larger surface area and landscape depth.