You don’t really need the statistics to tell you that the number of visitors to
Torrevieja this summer has been high. Traffic congestion, lack of parking
spaces and volume of people on the promenade are ample evidence.
However, Councillor Fanny Serrano has now released the data that proves
that it’s been the case.
The Tourist Office has received 14,975 visits over the summer months. Of
these 66.33% were international tourists rather than Spanish. Although this
figure is similar to that of 2016, Councillor Serrano believes they are the tip of
the iceberg: ‘The majority of queries are now pursued on the internet, using
social media and websites as the source of information,’ explains the
The Tourist Office receiving the most queries is the most central. The office
on the Paseo Vista Alegre received more than 76% of the enquiries. This high
proportion is also due to their increased opening hours. The second office, on
the Play del Cura, is not open as long and received 16% of the queries,
mostly from tourists in the domestic market.
The peak day for making enquiries was the 10 th August when around 509
people consulted the offices. The first and last weeks of July were also
extremely busy.
Of the national enquiries that were made, people originated from:
Madrid 1,874
País Vasco 564
Castilla León 420
The international visitors included 16.95% of British origin and 16.04% of
French. The number of Scandinavian, Belgian and Dutch enquiries remained
around the same.
The touchscreen, that is available to use when the office is closed on a
Sunday, was also in demand. This was consulted 3,093 times during July and
August. The languages requested included 44% Spanish, 32% English,
17.7% French and 5.8% German.
The hotel occupation rates for three and four star hotels increased by around
5/6% in comparison with the same period in 2016. July recorded 78%
occupation rate and August 85%. One star establishments, aparthotels,
hostels and tourist apartments had slightly less occupation than the previous
year. This slight shift is taken as an indicator that visitors to Torrevieja have a
little more cash to spend than previously.
Another piece of key data that is often used to signal increases and
decreases in the tourist population is that of water consumption. This would
also suggest that numbers were up this year. In June 2016, 804,447 cubic
metres of water was used in comparison to 865,510 in 2017. This is an
increase of 7.59%.
In July numbers were up again with 1,093,240 used in 2016 compared to
1,172,730 this year. An increase of 7.27%. As you would expect, August was
even higher. In August 2016 consumption was 3,115,817 in comparison to
3,349,628 this August. An increase of 7.50%. Similar increases were recorded
for the collection of waste.

The level of rubbish produced has stretched the services this year even more
than ever. The town council has had to request that more lorries of refuse be
accepted at different treatment plants than anticipated. This is an additional
cost that the town hall had not counted on. The town council lament that the
Vega Baja does not have sufficient treatment plants of its own.
For those involved in the tourist trade the increased figures will come as a
relief and bode well for future years. For those using the N332 every day, it’s
a different story.