A busy Easter for the police

Alongside the Local Police and Guardia Civil operates a group called GRO or Grupo de Refuerzo Operativo (Operational Reinforcement Group). They provide extra reinforcement during peak times and were busy in Torrevieja during Semana Santa (Holy week). Over the holiday period, the GRO made a number of arrests and were out on the roads and in the streets in a bid to reduce crime.

The GRO patrolled on the sea front and in the markets. They took three statements in relation to unauthorised street trading, seized 1,754 fake goods and arrested one illegal trader.  In Torrevieja market there was an increased police presence to clamp down on theft by pickpockets.

On the roads they operated eight checkpoints for vehicles in different parts of the town and this led to nine charges for the possession of illegal substances and dangerous weapons. In total, 52 vehicles were inspected and 84 people had their identity checked.

There were five check points for excessive speed and a total of eighteen vehicles were reported. The police carried out a security and documentation inspection of 86 taxi licences and 73% of these inspections revealed minor deficiencies in the paper work. In the case of 14 licences, major deficiencies were spotted. In two cases some very serious deficiencies were found.

All the different anomalies have been logged and this should lead to improvements in the taxi services in Torrevieja.

The police have intervened in two fights which included a number of people and lead to injuries in some cases. The people involved were charged with public order offences.

In only the last few days, the GRO have detained three people. The first was arrested for presenting irregular documents for a vehicle with false plates. The second case involved a person avoiding arrest who fled the scene but was later tracked down and charged with not having a driving licence and other offences.

The final arrest was of a man on probation who had barricaded himself in a relative’s home and threatened several people with a knife. After obtaining a court order, the police forced down the door, disarmed the man and arrested him without anyone being injured. The successful outcome of this was due to the coordinated work of the Local Police, the GRO and Guardia Civil.

The ORG of the Local Police would like to thank their colleagues in the Guardia Civil and those who form the Local Police’s regular shifts,for their support.

Suzanne O’Connell