Wherever you go in Torrevieja it seems as though you have to step around
the dog poo on the pavement. The inability of some people to clean up after
their pets brings the whole neighbourhood down and reflects badly on the
In a bid to address the problem, the mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón
has raised the issue of fines for those people who can’t manage to scoop a
poop. It might come as a surprise to know that the police already have the
capacity to fine people who leave their dogs’ faeces in public places.
However, it is very rare that they do so.
In a press release on the 29 th August, the mayor announced that he has
asked the Policia Local to increase their vigilance when it comes to spotting
those who allow the town to be used as an urban toilet. In Articles 15 and 22
there are local laws that order that hygiene must be maintained in the town
and place the obligation of removing excrement.
Dog owners should also be aware that dogs should do their business in the
road rather than on the pavement and in areas that are not intended for
pedestrians or playgrounds. It is expected that from September there will be
note taken of people who do not observe this local law. ‘Once the holiday
season is over,’ says the mayor. ‘During this time the police have many jobs
to do and it is more difficult to follow this up.’
Perhaps what’s particularly surprising is the figures for the number of fines
given in 2016. On only eight occasions have people been fined for not
cleaning up after their dog. A figure that is described as being shameful by the
mayor. ‘This figure does not correspond to the state of the streets,’ says the
mayor. ‘The city belongs to everyone and we must act rigorously on this. We
have to follow up the law. We wouldn’t allow other laws to be so little applied.’
The fines can total from €90 to €1,500 depending upon the level of
seriousness of the infringement. It will be interesting to see whether people do
take note of the new crack down and whether our streets become a poo-free