British author Steven Dale, who lives in Santa Pola, is celebrating having his first children’s
book published. Planet Mirth Adventures One, by the Port Talbot-born author, has been
published recently by Austin Macauley.
How exciting would it be if you could explore a world where you could meet a chocolate
crocodile, or where toys can be found growing on trees? The planet of Mirth comes to life
through the dreams of a little girl named Mia, with a collection of gnomes guiding her
through the wonderful sights and sounds contained in the book’s five stories. As well as a
safari trip, Mia enjoys two celebrations with Mirth's resident gnomes, as well as taking part in
exciting competitions; tales which the author hopes will spark the imagination of any child or
the young-at- heart.
Steven said: “I wrote this solely for my three grand-daughters. My daughters encouraged me
to get it published and now my dream has been realised.”
Steven has been happily married for 38 years. He has two daughters and three
granddaughters. He currently lives in Sanat Pola where he, until recently, worked as a vocal
entertainer. He’s now retired from singing and concentrates all his efforts on writing.