This morning Compromís for Orihuela has formally asked the local government team about
any actions being taken regarding the colonies of cats in Orihuela. This follows the recent
news that a colony of cats on the Coast was poisoned.
The eco-socialist coalition wants to know if there is any intention to solve the problem of
overpopulation with an inspection and collection of data that would provide the actual
number and location of these colonies across the municipality.
Cats are, to some extent, necessary and provide a control function of other species such as
rats, but the fact that the females of this species have a very short gestation period means that
they have kittens very often. It is this fact that causes the total population of feral cats to
increase uncontrollably. This is turn affect both the welfare and the health of the animals as
well as of the residents in the different communitiesof Orihuela.
“In different municipalities of the province there is evidence of action plans for the control of
these colonies, meetings with associations to seek joint solutions and even training people
who want to be listed as managers of feline colonies with training to take good care of these
animals. These programmes have animal welfare at heart but also ensure that there is no
discontent in the neighbourhood,” said Cayetano Portugués, spokesman for Compromís for
In addition, he recalled that the City of Orihuela has received subsidies from the Diputacion
of Alicante for the control of feline colonies “but there is no record of what actions have been
carried out in this regard”.
Compromis said that it has concluded that “these problems that arise around the colonies of
cats are further proof of the inefficiency, paralysis and lack of foresight by the Bascuñana