The City Council for Beaches is investing €240,000 to repair the cliffs of
the Orihuela coast.
The councillor for beaches, Luisa Boné, offered an update this week on the
maintenance and strengthening works which were carried out on the during 2017 on
the coast of Orihuela.
The first measure, which has already been completed, was the work on the
cliff in Cabo Roig, for an investment of € 187,000. A project that began in 2017 and
ended the more than three-year closure of the beach promenade of Cala Capitán.
The second phase started earlier this month on the cliffs of the beach at
Aguamarina. Boné said, "When the technical services were informed about the
existence of new rockfalls, in this case on the coast of Aguamarina, the City Council
for Beaches drew up a new contract to repair a section of the cliff that has been
eroded mainly due to rainwater. We removed a part of the promenade, which
represented a clear risk, both for those who walked along the promenade and for
those who did it on the beach."
The city councillor noted that in December the obligatory approval of the
Coastal Ministry was obtained in order to carry out the work. Boné also said that "the
work will consist of cleaning the slope, building a brick wall to avoid continuous
erosion by rainwater, and installing a protective net on both sides of the wall to
prevent any possible rock fall to the beach."
This second project has a budget of €52,713.82 and the City Council for
Beaches expects that this work will be completed in a few weeks.