The Orihuela councillors responsible for Services on the Coast, Luisa Boné, and Infrastructure, Juan Ignacio López-Bas, have announced that more people have been added to the team of municipal staff working on the emergency plan for the maintenance and recovery of Parks and gardens in Orihuela Costa. Additional support has become necessary due to the need to attend to many more public spaces than originally planned. The sheer size of the task at hand for both departments is considerable and the councillors are een to achieved as much as possible during May, with the beginning of the summer season inching closer and the coast already seeing the number of visitors increase over recent weeks.
Councillor Lopez-Bas said that “in view of the state in which the coastal parks were found it has been decided to temporarily transfer two Infrastructure staff brigades, one of four people from parks and gardens and another from works, also with four people, to expand and accelerate the task of restoring green areas in Orihuela Costa”.
Councillor Boné pointed out that “the reinforcement on the coast by the Infrastructures Department is much needed and necessary, especially at this moment in time, before the summer when the coast begins to receive more residents and tourists”.
Several public green areas have already been tackled and this has made a substantial improvement. These include Urbanisation Horizonte, La Florida, La Zenia, Los Dolses and Las Piscinas, among other areas. Both councillors said they positively value the work already done through this emergency plan for Orihuela Costa which has been carried out as the first major project on the coast since the the Ciudadanos councillors joined the government team at the end of January.

Councillor Bone said: “We want people to begin to notice an important change in the public spaces of the coast of Orihuela. This is a change of image that must be maintained and endure over time with more allocation of material and manpower from the 2017 budget.”