Torrevieja is a city of surprises and none more so than the area of the natural
lakes and park. On the 11 th August the evening tours of the Parque Natural
de Las Lagunas began. Many people took part in this visit around the lake,
seeking to find out more about this beautiful area and natural resource.
Of course, one of the benefits of touring the area at this time is to take
advantage of the cooler temperature whilst also enjoying the sunset. Two
guides led this first tour and informed them about the history of the area and
the natural habitat that it represents for many forms of wildlife. Participants
also heard about the agriculture that is traditional to this area and the different
fauna that you can find there.
If you were not able to take part in this tour then there will be many more
opportunities to find out about this wonderful natural resource in Torrevieja.
Similar tours will be held on the 28 th August and the 4 th and 8 th of September.
The tours take place starting at 8.30pm and last until around midnight.
‘The objective is that people discover the La Mata lake at dusk. It fills the
senses and you find out more about it through smell, hearing and touch,’
explains Councillor Fanny Serrano, councillor for the environment. ‘You do
need to be aware though that most of the tour takes place in the dark and
without any lighting except what’s naturally provided.’
The evening walks are part of a more extensive programme that is organised
by the Rutas Ecoturísticas which is planned to continue for the next four
years. Altogether there are 32 tours planned including 16 at night and 16
during the day. All of them are free with the purpose of raising awareness of
the park and its benefits.
The day visits are organised according to general information, aimed at
families and those that have a particular theme to them. In October it’s
planned to run days during which children are encouraged to take part and
play games. These will take place every Saturday or Sunday starting in
October (except for December and January).
Themed talks include the ‘La Mata, vineyards of water and salt’ during
October, February and June. These focus on the cultivation of grapes for wine
and salt extraction. During November, March, April and May there is a focus
on ornithology with the young and old encouraged to observe and learn more
about birdlife in the area.
Each of the visits includes information both in Spanish and English, has a
maximum of 50 participants and needs at least 20 people to take place. You
can sign up for one of the trips on the web page . Click on ‘registration form’ at the
bottom of the page and it will take you to the form to complete.
You can also book your visit at the tourism office on Paseo Vista Alegre from
Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm and Saturdays from 10am until 2pm. The next
route available for booking is another moonlight tour on the 28 th August. The
day routes will be available to book up to three weeks from the date they are
due to take place.