The Councillor for the Environment, Miguel Ángel Fernández, has announced the completion of the
work to remove the three waste dumps that has been identified in Orihuela Costa. This programme
of works began last week and consisted of “removing, transporting and depositing debris in the
authorised manager,” said the Councillor.
These three dumps were illegal and located on municipal plots of land and damaged the image of
the immediate surroundings and the coast in general. In total, some 200 tons of rubble have been
removed, mostly construction material and composed of plastics, plant debris and some household
items, which has had an approximate cost of 7,000 euros.
The councillor said that "with this action, the risks that could risk public health or were a fire risk are
reduced", while reiterating the departments "commitment to protecting the landscape of the area
and restoring the environment".