The Councillor for Tourism, Sofía Álvarez, has hosted the tapas and gin-tonics of the
participating establishments at the Municipal Library María Moliner. The event saw all the
dishes presented and allowed those present to sample them before the tapas route opens.
This year will see the city run its fifth annual Route of the Tapa and Gin-tonic, which will take
place in the streets of Orihuela from 10th to 12th November.
The councillor has declared her satisfaction with the high participation this year, in addition
to emphasising the strong commitment from the area and explained she wants the event to
“use Orihuela’s gastronomy as a promotional tool abroad along with our historical, heritage,
festive and natural tourism potential of our city.”
As a novelty, this year the establishments have been able to create and present several
tapas, in different categories. Supporters of the event can download the mobile app
‘Rutappa’ where they can get details of the varieties of tapas and gin-tonics, in addition to
all the information regarding the event. The app also allows people to vote for their
favourite tapa and gin.
A total of 25 establishments are registered, and prizes will be awarded in five categories:
Gourmet Tapa, Sweet Tapa and Traditional Tapa. A prize wll alos go to the establishment
with the most votes for its Gin-tonic through the mobile application, and a special prize will
be awarded to one of the members of the public who use the app to vote.
The official jury will comprise representatives of the companies sponsoring the event, along
with three gastronomic experts: Carlos Corredor, director of the Gastronomic Guide of
Alicante; Antonio Marquerie, professor and director of the International Chair of
Mediterranean Gastronomy of the Catholic University of Murcia; and José Antonio Sánchez,
manager and chef of the restaurant Els Vents de Alicante, aspiring to a Michelin Star.
The price of the traditional drink and tapa will be 1 euro, while the tapas in the sweet and
gourmet category will cost 1.50, leaving the price of gin-tonic to be allocated by the