Fresh sushi for Mercadona

Supermarket expands its range

As sushi has risen in popularity over the past few years, it looks as though Mercadona is the next outlet to make stocking this rice and raw fish cuisine a more prominent part of their business. The news is that the supermarket chain has already started stocking sushi in supermarkets in Valencia and Madrid and from the end of November this will include some supermarkets in the Alicante region.

Sushi can already be bought in Carrefour, Consum and Lidl and new stalls in Zenia Boulevard offer sushi as a snack. Four Mercadona supermarkets have already started stocking the Japanese food, three of these being in Valencia. The initiative will be rolled out to 12 more at the end of the month and we can expect three to be in Alicante.

The Norwegian firm, Leroy Processing Spain, will be providing the sushi in 17 shops. In the remaining three the provider will be Caladero from Tabernes Blanques, who specialise in tuna. Leroy Processing has been supplying the pre-packaged dishfrom Norway, using a processing plant in Madrid. However, as the business grows there may be an increase in the number of plants based in Spain.

Sources from the supermarket say that sushi is proving to be very popular with clients who have appreciated the quality of the product and the variety on offer. In some stores a small amount of sushi has already been available but now we can expect to see much more.

The agreement between Leroy Processing and Mercadona is an exclusive one and there are no plans to establish other outlets at this point. As yet we have no information about exactly which of Mercadona’s stores will be stocking sushi in the Alicante region. With over 100 supermarkets to choose from, local sushi lovers shouldn’t be too optimistic just yet.


Suzanne O’Connell