Torrevieja hospital has announced that during the summer months the average waiting time in casualty was 45 minutes. Altogether the department attended to 78,282 emergencies which is around 851 a day. Of these, 46% were foreigners mostly from the UK, Ireland, France, Morocco and Norway.
The statistics refer to the months of July, August and September. Every year they are analysed to check on the impact that the tourist season has upon the ability of the hospital to function well. The average waiting time of 45 minutes is considered to be below the average across the country and below the figure last summer.
‘These figures have been achieved through planning at all emergency points,’ said Pepa Soriano, director of nursing. ‘Enabling the Department of Health of Torrevieja to respond effectively to demand during the hottest months.’
The swell in population was accommodated without the need to open up the additional hospital beds that are available on the second floor. These are there in case of a sudden peak in demand or a more extensive emergency situation arising.
Although there are more emergencies during the summer months they tend to be less serious and prolonged than during the winter period. During winter there is an increase in the number of respiratory problems which tends to lead to a need for more beds for a longer period of time. Many of the summer emergencies can be dealt with quite quickly and without the need to occupy a bed.