Carlos Montesinos from Torrevieja is carrying out a hunger strike in front of the justice building in Torrevieja in order to protest at his lack of access to his daughter of seven years old who has been living during the last three years in Santander (Cantabria) with her mother.

Carlos maintains that he hasn’t been able to see his daughter since August because, according to his words, the girl’s mother has been obstructive in enabling him to carry out his part of the access arrangements. Visits have also been hampered due to the difficulties resulting from the distance the parents live apart.

‘I feel helpless,’ says Montesinos, ‘and my hands are tied.’ He only found out that he had a daughter when she was six months old. After tests to confirm that the girl was his, he has always wanted to take a full part in her life but he states; ‘During those seven years I have only spent 20 days with her.’ He now only maintains contact with his daughter through minimal telephone conversations.

Montesinos has also put up a petition on and is collecting signatures in front of the justice department too. He wants a modification of the access arrangements to ensure that it can actually take place. ‘I feel desperate,’ says Montesinos. ‘I’ve exhausted all legal remedies.’

He has already collected 869 signatures online and there has been a lot of interest in his case.

Suzanne O’Connell