Torrevieja has now been an independent ‘ciudad’ for 86 years. As part of its celebrations the town hall invited in 26 children who had opportunity to debate on some important matters.One of these being the adoption of different models of language learning throughout the town.

The children came from four schools in the town, CEIP Las Culturas, CEIP Salvador Ruso, CEIP Ciudad del Mar and CMT La Purísima. The children took on the role of councillors and participated in a pleno voting on twelve motions to improve the town. All the motions were passed although two with a smaller majority.

This is the second year that this has taken place and it is particularly fitting that it should take place on the anniversary of the naming of Torrevieja as a town on 4th February 1931. The mayor complemented the children on their level of democratic participation and the work that had been done previously at their schools.

One of the most debated motions was that surrounding the balance of languages to be taught in Torrevieja’s schools. This motion was put forward by PIPAS (Plataforma Intercultural por el Avance Social) the name given to the group from Las Culturas.

Other recurring themes included the level of culture, sport and education offered in the town, the need for green areas and street cleaning and the need to make the town more friendly for those with disabilities. Where necessary, the mayor has explained the background to some of the issues. However both the mayor and some othersabstained from voting when it came to the balance of languages within the schools.

Suzanne O’Connell