On 28 th April if you were planning on treating yourself to a meal of fish and
chips you might have had a bit of a surprise when you got there. The main
dining hall at Quesada Fish and Chips was not populated with its usual
Saturday night diners but resembled what could only be described as a Wild
West scene.
Outlaws and saloon girls, preachers and Texas Rangers, Los Pistoleros were
out in force for their annual presentation of charity donations. Los Pistoleros
are a ‘westerner’ club and they re-enact scenes with traditional western
themes across the year at fiestas and at other events they are invited to. They
certainly know how to enjoy themselves too with the dance floor filled with line
dancers moving in unison.
This year Los Pistoleros had chosen four worthy causes to received the
money that had been collecting throughout the year. Following the meal,
Reach Out were presented with a cheque for €500, AECC €500. Butterfly
Children €500 and San José Obrero Orphanage in Orhuela €1,000.
Los Pistoleros are well known for their fundraising. In 2014 they won the
Costa Blanca People’s Pride of Spain award for ‘Fundraisers of the Year’.
Every year they decide on which charities to support at their AGM that this
year was held on 3 rd April. ‘We don’t keep any money for expenses or for
anything else,’ explained Marshall Brian Williams, otherwise known as
‘Stumpy’. ‘All the money goes to the charities we decide on at the meeting.’
Los Pistoleros continue to be a thriving organisation. First started in 2009 they
have raised a total of €16,000 during their years of entertaining others and, of
course, having a little fun themselves. The scenery and clothes that
accompany any Los Pistoleros gathering have been carefully put together for
authenticity. Some dresses are even brought in from America.
From their original founding membership group of ten people, they now
consist of forty members and draw in many more at their regular dances.
They are always happy to welcome new recruits and if you think you might
like to join them you should call Brian on 617 620 627.
At Quesada Fish and Chips those representatives collecting for their charities
were certainly appreciative of their fundraising activities. Vicente, the Director
of the orphanage in Orihuela, was there in person to receive the donation. It
was explained during his introduction that the orphanage is dependent on
contributions such as this to keep the children equipped and that they don’t
receive state funding.
It must have seemed a strange combination of people and activities as he
stood on the platform and, with the help of a translator, expressed his
gratitude on behalf of the children of the orphanage. For Los Pistoleros it was
an opportunity to make their own pastime of benefit to others too.