The organisation ‘La Casa de Andalucía’ has admitted that it allocated eight of
the 28 plots assigned during for the May Fair by mutual agreement. Now the
town hall has opened an enquiry into the irregular arrangements made during
the contracting of the May Fair or Feria de Sevillanas 2018.
It is being alleged that La Casa de Anadalucía Rafael Alberti collected eight
200 euro sums to reserve the plots where the marquees would be installed for
the festival this year. Altogether there were 28 plots available.
It is also being claimed that the money was used to provide services in the
days running up to the fair including the emptying of septic tanks and renting
the generators to provide the electricity during the event. The payments were
made in cash and were outside the terms and conditions of the official
The May Fair attracted thousands of visitors during its five days duration and
is organised by the town hall who contract a third party to administer it. The
council do not have sufficient resources of their own to organise the detail
around the festivities. In 2016 this job was taken over by the La Casa de
Anadalucía Rafael Alberti but in 2017 and 2018 the contract was awarded to
another organiser who acted in collaboration with the Casa de Andalucía.
The contract for organising the fair this year came to 113,000 euros and those
given the contract have assured the newspaper ‘informacion’ that there was
no authorisation given to Casa de Andalucía to perform this kind of
management task. The allegation continues that the money was paid to
reserve the plots in a way that breaches contract conditions.
The town council has now asked the contractor for a list of data of all the
marquees on the site during the fair and the type of contractual arrangement
that was agreed. They have also asked for details of the exact arrangements
for assigning the plots of land for the marquees.