The Councillor for Beaches Luisa Boné has reported the number of incidents that required
assistance from Ambumar, company in charge of Life Guards and support services on the
beaches of Orihuela, during the month of July.
The majority of the incidents are connected to health or to the rescue of swimmers. Ambumar
has 40 people, including lifeguards, nurses and drivers to ensure the safety of residents and
In July alone Ambumar carried out 677 attendances on the beaches of Orihuela, most of
which are healthcare related, including attending people affected by jellyfish stings (222),
sunburns, cuts and scrapes and even those who have been spiked by hedgehogs (33).
The service has only made 11 rescues, of which 7 have been in at Cala Capitan where bathers
try to swim to the Isla del Carmen and back. The rest of the rescues have been carried out at
Cala Bosque (1), Cala Cerrada (2) and Cala Estaca (1).
The beach that has generated the most incidents has been Cala Bosque (105) and the one with
the least incidence has been Cala Cala (28)
Otherwise it has been a quiet month in all respects, despite the large number of bathers who
are enjoying their summer from the beaches of Orihuela, especially at weekends.