The Mayor of Orihuela Emilo Bascuñana has hit back at claims he has been taking money for a job he
hasn’t been doing. The Mayor claims the story is a ‘campaign to discredit’ him over a six year
position with Valencian Health Department
The story was published exclusively by and accused him of having taken a public wage
from the Valencian Health Department in Alicante between 2007 and 2014 – but not actually going
to work.
The PP Mayor told the media this was “absolutely false” and that he is contemplating legal action
against those responsible.
“I’ve done nothing irregular, nobody is paid a salary month after month of they don’t do their job,”
he said. had claimed that Snr Bascuñana was paid 14 instalments of €3,973 per year for the six
years he was assigned to the Health Department in Alicante, although it could not be confirmed he
went to the office every day.
The Mayor responded, saying that “some things leave a trace but others are harder to prove”.
According to him he was advising the Health Department and working as a doctor at different health
centres around the Vega Baja, a fact he said that “thousands of people he attended to can back up”.
“I’m not the one who has to prove I worked, but others have to show that I didn’t,” he said.
He put the “fake headline” down to a “smear campaign” by “someone who wants me out at any
price”. He pointed out that the claims come a year before the municipal elections, a time when the
PP has to announce a candidate.
He also said: “It worries me and I seriously question who and how this someone has had access to
my personal data.”
Before the Mayor’s press conference the spokespeople for the opposition parties – PSOE (Socialists)
and Cambiemos – had demanded explanations from him.
“It is a shame that Orihuela is being linked with corruption again,” said Socialist Carolina Gracia, who
made the point that Bascuñana was supposed to have been “someone clean to repair the corrupt
image” of the municipality.
Cambiemos said the allegations are “extremely serious” if true, while Ciudadanos, the PP’s partners
in the council, wanted to be prudent and here Snr Bascuñana’s explanations before doing anything.
Juan Ignacio López-Bas said the Valencian Health Department was also being “accused of paying a
salary for no work”.
PSOE said that it will ask for explanations from the Valencian Health Department to clear up what