It was sadly missed in May but now it looks as though the May Fair will still
take place, if a little late in October. The inaugural event, the offering of
flowers, took place on Sunday 24 th September, 15 days before the festival
itself will begin.
Dozens of people dressed in traditional sevillanas clothes took part in the
ceremony which includes the offering of flowers to the Virgen del Inmaculada
in the calles Ramón and Cajal. This was just a prequel to the flamboyant Feria
de Sevillanas that we can now expect to take place from the 10 th to 15 th
Octoberin the port area of the town.
The delay in holding the fair was due to difficulty in issuing the correct
contracts in time. These are now in place for a total of €106,552 and this
popular event can now go ahead. The possibility of holding the fair during the
summer months was discussed. However, the decision was taken to wait until
Octoberdue to the heat and number of visitors that Torrevieja plays host to
during July and August. Instead it was agreed to wait until the quieter month
of October.
The delay did not put people off on Sunday. There was plenty of evidence of
the usual May Fair excitement with a good turn out and plenty of flamenco
dancing opposite the statue of the Purísima Concepción which is situated
close to playa del Cura. Those taking part were dressed in their traditional
suits and flamenco dresses and there was even a carriage to take some
participants to the monument.
People placed garlands of flowers at the statue and there were several horse
riders too to bring some extra glamour to the event. The crowd then went to
the parish of the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús where an official mass took
place, this time in honour of the Feria de Sevillanas rather than the Feria de
Later in the afternoon the candidates for the Sevillanas Queen were
presented. This is organised by the town hall in conjunction with the
Andalucian house ‘Rafael Alberti’. The May fair attracts people from all over
Spain but in particular from Andalucia which is the centre of the tradition.
It is perhaps Torrevieja’s most well known festivity and attracts visitors from all
over the world. It was sadly missed in May and for some, who book flights to
coincide with the dates, it will not be possible to celebrate it this year. As the
event is being held in October it will, however, coincide with the bank holiday
of the Virgen del Pilar. It is intended that the fair returns to its usual slot in May
in 2018.