The people of Torrevieja, residents, tourists and visitors alike, can’t take much
more of the congestion on the N332. Now a petition has been launched on demanding that something be done about the daily delays that
are bringing the town to a standstill.
It is the mayor of Torrevieja himself, José Manuel Dolón, who is asking people
to sign; a rather bizarre situation but a last resort when national government
seems to be taking no notice of the local government’s plea.
So far there are 1,588 signatures at the last time of accessing the site.
On the petition site it states:
The national road N332 is the main channel of communication linking
Torrevieja, a city with 90,000 on the padrón, with regions of Valencia and
Murcia. During holiday periods and at festival times this number rises to half a
million. The road is a dual carriageway with two lanes until you get to
Torrevieja where it converts into a bottleneck with thousands of vehicles
caught in a daily traffic jam. The project to double its size through the town
has been included in the general state budget since 2015 without it being put
into operation. As mayor of Torrevieja, I ask you to sign the petition because:
 This is a black spot on our roads that has already taken several lives
 Drivers must wait in long queues and experience tail backs
 It damages the reputation of the town which is often in the national
 It is a financial liability as it makes trade difficult with the rest of the
Vega Baja
 It prevents quick access to Torrevieja hospital
Above all, as mayor of the town, I have asked for the help of institutions,
associations and individuals in order to resolve this desperate situation for the
town’s people, tourists and the social and economic health of the area. I ask
that you sign up to this cause so that the Ministry of Public Works puts into
place the widening of the road as is indicated in the budget.
If you agree with the mayor and would like to sign the petition then you can do
so by:
 Going to the site
 Finding the magnifying glass at the top and clicking
 Entering a search for CN 332
 Completing a few basic details including name, surname, email
address and postal code
 Clicking on ‘firma’ displayed on a red rectangle
It’s as easy as that.
In this paper we have been publishing over the past few months the attempts
of the local government to get their request heard. They had even proposed
putting up banners in key places on the road to advertise their frustration with
the lack of action. However, their application to do this was, unsurprisingly,
turned down. The mayor has also invited the relevant Minister to visit
Torrevieja to see the problem for himself.

It seems unbelievable that such steps are necessary to draw attention to such
an obvious problem that not only causes huge inconvenience but costs lives