The dates for the Alicante province have now been released for the new
school year. Hopefully students should already know that:
 Primary schools in Alicante city begin on 7 th September
 All other schools in Alicante Province begin on 10 th September
If you have a child in a school in Torrevieja or Orihuela and surrounding towns
then they should have their bags and equipment ready for Monday 10 th
September. For children starting at primary schools, classes will only be from
9am until 1pm for the month of September. The full school day resumes from
October until May. June again reverts to a 1pm closing.
Public holidays in Alicante Province mean that the terms will be:
First term (Autumn term)
Monday 10 th September until Friday 21 st December (inclusive)
Schools will be closed for bank holidays:
 9 th October (Valencia Day)
 12 th October (Spain Day)
 1 st November (All Saints Day)
 6 th December (Day of the Constitution)
Second term (Spring term)
Monday 7 th January until Wednesday17 th April (inclusive)
Schools will be closed for bank holidays:
 19 th March (San José Day, Father’s Day)
Third term (Summer term)
Primary schools: Tuesday 30 th April until Thursday 20 th June (inclusive)
Secondary schools: Tuesday 30 th April until Tuesday 18 th June (inclusive)
Schools will be closed for bank holidays:
 1 st May (Workers Day)
Although these dates are the ones currently released for the Alicante Province
be aware that there will be some additional ones to follow that are determined
locally. At least though parents across the province can start planning their