Saturday saw the start of the second edition of "The Winter Beach" at La Caleta in Cabo
Roig. The beaches of Orihuela are the perfect environment for of the 23 water, sports and
family activities that have been organised by the Department for Beaches and the
Department of Youth to run through the autumn and winter season.
Luisa Boné, Councillor for Beaches said that "after the high levels of participation in the first
edition of" The Winter Beach " which was held last spring, we are running more activities
this autumn, taking advantage of the magnificent climate of our area, to be able to continue
enjoying activities in the best setting we have, our beaches. "
Every Sunday, from 10:00am, you can practice paddle boarding, canoeing, aerobic activities
– such as aerobics, yoga, body balance. And so that parents can relax and enjoy these
activities without worrying about keeping the children entertained there are children's
workshops for them during the morning.
On Saturday 22 nd September, 29 th and the 2nd October, an introduction to diving has been
organised to allow locals to experience and enjoy the marine environment of the coast.
Mar Ezcurra Councilor for Youth said: “The activities are free and will be reported every
week through the Facebook pages of the Councils of Beaches and Youth in the calendar and
the corresponding activities. These are activities that enhance leisure on weekends on the
coast of Orihuela and also aims to educate people in the conservation, respect and
protection of the environment."