We might be on the downward slope towards the end of summer, but the roads are still particularly
busy at the moment, and will remain so for a few more weeks yet.
In order to keep the roads safer during this period, a number of special campaigns and operations
have been set up, where the DGT, Guardia Civil and local and regional police, will give special focus
to certain situations.
The next campaign takes place during the week of the 21 st of August, where speed checks will
increase. Inappropriate speed is one of the #Fatal4, the biggest groups of contributing factors to
road traffic incidents. Officers will increase ground and air patrols during this week to try to reduce
the number of incidents by reducing the number of speeding vehicles on the roads.
Then, the next major operation, Operation Return, takes place from Thursday 31 August to Sunday 3
September, which sees the majority of domestic tourists returning to their inland homes, ready to
start work and school.
Throughout summer, teams of people will be on the roads to help you. If you get into difficulty, you
can call the Guardia Civil (in Spanish), on 062, or the emergency coordination centre, 112, who speak
a variety of languages. Stay safe and enjoy your holiday.