Torrevieja has begun a campaign to prevent violence amongst teenagers,
particularly focusing on violence against teenage girls. The council has
produced a guide aimed at parents and this will be presented on 1 st March at
the Palacio de la Música.
It will also be backed with talks in educational centres and with practical
workshops and videos edited for the occasion. Councillor for equality, Fabiana
Ibarra, launched the campaign on 14 th February. She explained that the guide
includes the signs to watch out for that perhaps your daughter is a target of
abuse and what you might do about it.
Schools will be playing videos that also raise awareness of the issue
focussing specifically on the abuse that can take place within a relationship
during the teenage years.
‘Our aim is to clarify what violence against women is,’ explains Fabiana
Ibarra, ‘including physical and psychological examples but also to identify
other types of mistreatment and types of behaviour that sometimes our young
people do not recognise as being forms of abuse and control. The best way to
address the problem of violence against women is through prevention.’
Parents, as well as schools, are being targeted with this awareness raising
campaign. This recognises the important role that messages received from
home have alongside those they receive from school. The videos
demonstrate what it is like to be the victim of abuse and how it feels. The
issue can be particularly difficult as the abuse is often perpetrated by
someone that the young victim cares deeply about or even loves.
It encourages boys as well to see how the violence can start in their own
behaviour. ‘Violence against women is a problem for all of us,’ says councillor
Fabiana, ‘and we must all be involved in the campaign to eradicate it.’