Continuing with our interview taken from N332 RoadWatch magazine, we explain more of the
questions raised through erroneous posts on some websites, social media and, occasionally, in print.
8º. Washing your vehicle on public roads. 30 – 3,000€ fine.
We covered this topic quite recently. Many people are astonished about this rule, but each Town
Hall has its own legislation, and most of them don't let citizens clean their vehicle on public roads.
Think that when you clean your vehicle on the road you use water and soap, and bikers, riders,
elderly people can slip as a result of your actions, even if a vehicle has to brake suddenly, to avoid an
accident on a slippery street, it will travel more distance so it will be more difficult to stop in time.
Apart from that, when you clean a car on a public street, you are dirtying a public road. So it is not
fair to ask owners of the dog to clean up after the animals do their businesses and we clean our
vehicles on the road.
Ask your Town Hall if you want to know if it is allowed or not and about how much the fine is
because all is legislated differently in each town.
9º Passenger with feet on the dashboard. 100€ fine.
The fine is 80€ not 100€ and it is the driver who is the person responsible for all passengers in the
vehicle, and ensuring they keep a proper position in the vehicle, so the driver will be fined in these
In the event of an accident, the passenger has a significantly increased risk of suffering fatal injuries
on the spot, if they have their feet on the dashboard.
10º.Throwing a cigarette out the window. 200€ fine and 4 points.
This fine could be much higher if your action causes a fire. In this case, you will be prosecuted,
paying all the costs of the extinction, even going to prison if the costs are high or if anyone is unjured
or killed.
11º. Not carrying your driving license. 10€ fine.
The law states you must take your licence with you, but nowadays, the traffic police take computers
in their vehicles and they can check on the spot if you have a licence or not, as long as you can
properly identify yourself.
In the future, it will be compulsory to take an official document with photo to prove your identity
and this fine will be removed.
Remember that if you have a European Licence and you don´t show it to the officers, they can only
check Spanish licences. In Spain, it is a criminal offence to not have a licence, so you can be arrested
and spend the night in the cells if you cannot prove to the officers that you have a licence.
Remember, the 10€ fine is when you hold a licence but don´t take it with you, and it is only applied
to Spanish licences.
12º. Carrying 6 or 7 people in the car. 80€ fine.
The fine will be 200€ or 80€, depending on the excess of occupants. The vehicle will be immobilised
until another vehicle or taxi can take the rest of the passengers. The fine is for the driver.

Remember, only trust information from reputable or official sources, if you have any doubts about
traffic law you can speak to the Guardia Civil officers behind the Facebook page by sending them a
message, visit, or, or consult with a solicitor or other official body.