Prosecutors have asked for seven years prison for three men accused of
raping a young woman ten years ago in a club in Torrevieja. It is claimed that
the young woman was drunk and abused in turn in a car by the three young
men. The young woman was 18 years old at the time of the alleged attack
and the car was parked in the disco car park. The offence took place in
August 2008.
It is alleged that the young woman first started talking to the men inside the
discotheque and seeing the state she was in they took her outside to the car
of one of the accused. It is alleged that one of them put her on the back seat,
took off her clothes and raped her, then leaving the car whilst the second and
third man took their turn.
The case is being tried in Elche and one of the questions being asked is why
it has taken ten years to come to court.Sexual offences are supposed to be a
priority when it comes to finding court room time. The reason given was the
delay in forensic and DNA testing, which was particularly difficult to collect as
the men were all still at liberty.
The accused yesterday assured the jury that the intercourse was consensual.
However, friends of the girl, including her cousin, maintain that she was in a
very drunk state and when they pulled her out of the car she could barely
move. As such, it will not be accepted as a consensual act. However, the
accused have continued to blame the young woman claiming that it was she
who asked them to have intercourse with her.
The victim could not remember the rape following the incident as a result of
the large quantity of alcohol she had consumed. The young men, were aged
between 20 and 25 years old at the time. Two of them talked to the woman
inside the disco at around 2.30am. The third joined them outside and took part
in the attack which is claimed to have lasted around two hours. Eventually,
her friends found her and took her out of the vehicle.
The trial continues and the statements of the forensic doctor and the details of
the emergency forensic report will be heard. During the medical examination
the semen from all three defendants was found in the young woman’s body,
confirming that there was penetration on all three occasions.
In addition to the request of a seven year prison sentence, the prosecutor is
asking for €10,000 compensation for the victim with the payment being shared
between the defendants. A restraining order has also been requested for 10
years prohibiting the accused from coming within 500 metres of the victim’s
home. As the three men are from Alicante this would not cause great difficulty.