Two men and one woman were arrested and detained in Torrevieja on 1st February accused of the murder of a man and dismemberment of his body. A refuse collector made the grim discovery of a man’s head and different parts of his legs and intestines at a refuse recycling plant in Elche on the 31st August 2016.

Two of those detained have since been placed in prison indefinitely following instructions by court number three in Torrevieja. The third person has been released but must continue to present at local police stations. It is believed that the third person has been accused ofhelping to cover up the crime. Those detained, a Spanish national and Colombian, have been taken to prison in Fontcalent following their appearance in court in Torrevieja.

The investigation leading to their arrest was carried out by the Homicidios de la Comisaría General de la Policía with the collaboration of the Unidad de DelincuenciaEspecializada y Violenta (UDEV). The suspects were traced back to a five story building in Torrevieja; 93 calle La Loma. A house search led to their arrests and the premises have been thoroughly investigated and photographs taken.

It is believed that the dead person was a man of 64 years old who lived in Orihuela Costa and whose disappearance was reported by his family who live in Vitoria. The man was the owner of several garage spaces in Torrevieja and it is believed that the dispute began in connection with one of these.It is thought that there were financial motives for the crime and that money was transferred shortly before it took place. The main author of the crime is believed to have had previous convictions.

Difficulties with the exact identification of the man were experienced due to the state of decomposition. The body parts were also discovered amongst waste collected by a lorry serving a number of towns including Elche, Hondón de los Frailes, Aspe, Monóvar and Torrevieja. Parts of the body appeared over a period of days,the rest of the limbs were not located.

The arrests were made following the discovery of traces of blood on the premises in calle La Loma where it is believed that the victim was killed and dismembered. The body was then dumped in a refuse container. Refuse from Torrevieja is taken to a waste disposal plant in Elche.

Suzanne O’Connell