It could easily have been another fatal case on Wednesday 19 th July when two
children of 11 and 14 years old found themselves in trouble in the sea. After
20 minutes in the water, the two were exhausted and thought they were going
to die. However, they were rescued by two Guardia Civil police officers.
Their rescue wasn’t without complications because of the strong current and
waves. The waves were preventing the children from getting out of the water
because of the risk of them being bashed against the rocks in the Cala de los
Jorge, a police officer in the Guardia Civil, went into the sea whilst his
companion, Justo, went to get help from the Policía Local. ‘There were
anxious moments which lasted an eternity for them,’ explained Jorge. ‘They
had wanted to get out of the water a lot earlier but because of the rocks and
the stormy water they couldn’t. They were at serious risk of being badly
It was a race against time and the lifeguards advised that the best solution
was to get access by a jet ski. The area where the children were swimming
was not covered by a lifeguard.
‘I jumped into the water because there wasn’t time to wait for help as the
current was strong,’ explained Jorge. This is the second time recently that this
officer has been prepared to risk his own life to save another. He was involved
in a rescue from the sea a month ago when two people were saved from
Swimming in the unsupervised coves continues to be a dangerous summer
pursuit as was seen recently with the sad deaths of a couple in Guardamar.
There is no lifeguard service in the smaller coves up the coast and those
bathing there take a risk.
In this case the two young people were lucky but we are already seeing
deaths as a result. There have already been seven drownings in this
particularly cove over a period of years. They are particularly popular places
for diving amongst young people, but the sea isn’t always as easy to leave as
it is to enter.
When the local police arrived with a boat they noted that the two young
people and their rescuer were all exhausted from the effort by the time they
were removed from the water.