Torrevieja was visited on the 14 th July by the Councillor María José Salvador
from the Valencian community government. She is responsible for public
works and property in the community and came to Torrevieja to see the
difficulties experienced on its road network.
The mayor, José Manuel Dolón, outlined the work needed to improve the CV-
95 where it meets the N-332 and the councillor visited the site to see first
hand the difficulties there are. The mayor explained that the current situation
is dangerous and requires an immediate solution.
There are problems not only with congestion itself but the difficulties then that
emergency services face when trying to use this route. Particularly as the
main access to the hospital is also from the N332. During the visit the Guardia
Civil had to make way for an ambulance that was unable to get past. ‘This
isn’t a joke or a political tool,’ explained the mayor. ‘It’s a real need in this
town that has to be resolved.’
The first priority is the widening of the N332. The Generalitat, the Valencian
government, has offered its support to Torrevieja’s campaign for national
government to help with this. The N332 is the responsibility of the Spanish
government in the end and the ministry has been asked to address the day-
to-day problems that people experience who use this stretch of road. The
councillor has pledged to go herself to central government and argue the
Another area for improvement is that of the port in Torrevieja. ‘We will study
the options and look for a solution to ensure the better integration between the
port and the town,’ said the councillor.
However, there were some positive topics of conversation. The councillor was
able to see the works done to the CV-95 at Los Balcones which have resulted
in improvements to pedestrian access and increased safety. ‘This is a priority
for our government,’ said Councillor Salvador. ‘Even more so in an area as
densely populated as this.’ María Salvador was accompanied by the mayor,
Councillor Fanny Serrano and Carlos Domingo. Carlos Domingo is the
director general of public works, transport and mobility.
The works cost the Generalitat €233,000 and have included the reinforcing of
1.50km of the road, improving accessibility for pedestrians and extension of
the pavement in front of the Doña Monse Hotel. The people of Torrevieja will
now be hoping that the success in alleviating difficulties in this area will be
extended to the N332 and that the Spanish government will listen to the
request for help with this project.