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Man arrested for trying to torch a house with three children inside

A man has been arrested in the Costa Blanca town of Dolores for attempting to set the residence on fire while three minors were inside the property at the time. The suspect is said to have sprayed the ground floor of the property with gasoline. Family members called 112 and thankfully, police arrived at the scene before the man was able to ignite the fire. On learning that emergency services were en route, the man fled the scene.
The incident occurred late on Tuesday at a house in the centre of Dolores. Security sources report that the three children were on the top floor of the house while the man was dousing the ground floor in petrol. Relatives raised the alarm and called emergency services before the man made his escape.
Officers from the Local Police and Guardia Civil rushed to the address to secure the scene and ensure the safety of the children who were described as being “afraid, but in good physical condition”. The officers made safe the property and ventilated all the rooms to get rid of the fumes. Meanwhile, a team of officers searched Dolores throughout the night for the suspect who was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning when he presented himself at the Guardia Civil barracks.  Another man was also arrested for obstruction of justice and both are expected to appear in court today (Wednesday).

Briton detained for sexual abuse

A British man has been detained, accused of raping his two step sisters when they were under age. Officers from the National Police detained a British fugitive in Jacarilla who had a European arrest warrant for the crimes of sexual exploitation and rape. The man now faces life imprisonment at home
The 44 year old fugitive is accused of raping his two under age step sisters as many as 18 times. He started abusing girls when he was 16 and his attacks led to one of the victims having to have an abortion.
In 1973, the 16 year old accused started to sexually abuse his younger sister aged 12 years old. These sexual abuses continued for three years at regular intervals. After her abortion at the age of 15 she fled from home to live with her grandmother.
In her absence the child molester turned to his other step sister, some two or three times a week until she reached 18 when she also fell pregnant, and they now have a son in common.
The father of the arrested man hid his son’s crimes for several years until he suggested he should flee from Britain, and moved to Spain to hide. Once their father died, the victims reported their suffering and the British issued a search and arrest warrant.
After several investigations by the International Location of Fugitives Group of the National Police alerted different police squads to start their own search and the man was tracked down to his home in Jacarilla where he was arrested on 8th May.

Blackmailing burglar arrested

A burglar who forced his victims to be photographed naked has been arrested in Alicante.  The thief used social media to befriend his victims, most of whom live in the Alicante region.  The man’s modus operandi was to initiate contact with women on social networking sites and after a period of contact they would arrange to meet.  After he had gained the trust of the victim, he would be invited to their home where he would threaten the women with a large knife, forcing them to strip naked to be photographed by him.  He would then proceed to rob their belongings, threatening meanwhile that if they reported the crime to the police, he would publicise the naked photographs.
The National Police made the arrest of the 41 year old Spanish man after learning of at least three such burglaries in the Alicante zone.  The arrest was backed by two existing judicial notices for false imprisonment, robbery with violence and intimidation and fraud, said police.
Officers began to look in to the man’s movements in mid April after receiving several separate reports of robberies in the area, each of which had significant similarities in how the robbery was carried out.
The perpetrator is thought to have used a number of different names on various social networks in order to gain his victims’ trust online and establish personal contact with the women.  Once he had their trust, he would push to meet them at their own homes.   As soon as the man gained access to the victim’s home, he would draw a large knife and the threats would begin – forcing each to strip and be photographed.  He stole personal valuables by ransacking the house and also took bank cards, forcing the victims to reveal the pin number. Once he had taken all that he could find, the man would threaten that he would put the photographs online if they went to the police to report the crime and that if they had given him a false pin number, he would come back to kill them.   He then took the keys of the house and all mobile phones, leaving the victims locked inside their own homes while he went to the bank to withdraw cash with the stolen cards.
Following extensive investigation and surveillance, officers from the Organised Crime Group of the Provincial Commission of Alicante were able to make the arrest earlier this month and this week, it was ruled that the man be sent to prison for his crimes.  In court, it emerged that he has numerous police records for violent robberies, threatening behaviour and fraud from all over Spain.

Ticket seller arrested

ONCE seller arrested for fraud

An ONCE lottery ticket seller from Torrevieja is under investigation for fraudulently claiming that his house had been burgled and that €4,000 from the sale of vouchers had been stolen. The 52 year old man is believed to have tried to obtain more than €6,500 from an insurance company in compensation for the simulated robbery.
ONCE is the Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles or National Organisation of Spanish blind people. It aims to raise funds to provide services for the blind and those with serious visual impairment. It is well-known for its charity lottery tickets known as Cupóns.
The man claimed that the €4,000 stolen from his house had been collected from the sale of the lottery tickets and that more unsold tickets valued at €1,500 along with jewellery worth €1,000 had also been stolen.
Following the denuncia made by the man, an investigation was carried out at his home. Although initially it looked as though a robbery had taken place, there were some indications that this was not the case.
Further research into the claim showed that the same man had made a similar one some years earlier. In the same manner, the man had taken out  expensive insurance cover only days before the robbery allegedly took place. Combining all the evidence the Guardia Civil were finally able to arrest the man and charge him with fraud. Following his arrest, he confessed to the crime.
This was the third attempt to collect insurance money fraudulently in the past two months. In December 2016, two other people were investigated for reporting thefts and claiminginsurance to cover their loss. The thefts were later found not to have taken place.
The Guardia Civil are keen to ensure that people are aware that claiming insurance money as a result of an invented crime like theft is in fact a crime in itself and can lead to a prison sentence.
Suzanne O’Connell

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