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Los Pistoleros present their donations

On 28 th April if you were planning on treating yourself to a meal of fish and
chips you might have had a bit of a surprise when you got there. The main
dining hall at Quesada Fish and Chips was not populated with its usual
Saturday night diners but resembled what could only be described as a Wild
West scene.
Outlaws and saloon girls, preachers and Texas Rangers, Los Pistoleros were
out in force for their annual presentation of charity donations. Los Pistoleros
are a ‘westerner’ club and they re-enact scenes with traditional western
themes across the year at fiestas and at other events they are invited to. They
certainly know how to enjoy themselves too with the dance floor filled with line
dancers moving in unison.
This year Los Pistoleros had chosen four worthy causes to received the
money that had been collecting throughout the year. Following the meal,
Reach Out were presented with a cheque for €500, AECC €500. Butterfly
Children €500 and San José Obrero Orphanage in Orhuela €1,000.
Los Pistoleros are well known for their fundraising. In 2014 they won the
Costa Blanca People’s Pride of Spain award for ‘Fundraisers of the Year’.
Every year they decide on which charities to support at their AGM that this
year was held on 3 rd April. ‘We don’t keep any money for expenses or for
anything else,’ explained Marshall Brian Williams, otherwise known as
‘Stumpy’. ‘All the money goes to the charities we decide on at the meeting.’
Los Pistoleros continue to be a thriving organisation. First started in 2009 they
have raised a total of €16,000 during their years of entertaining others and, of
course, having a little fun themselves. The scenery and clothes that
accompany any Los Pistoleros gathering have been carefully put together for
authenticity. Some dresses are even brought in from America.
From their original founding membership group of ten people, they now
consist of forty members and draw in many more at their regular dances.
They are always happy to welcome new recruits and if you think you might
like to join them you should call Brian on 617 620 627.
At Quesada Fish and Chips those representatives collecting for their charities
were certainly appreciative of their fundraising activities. Vicente, the Director
of the orphanage in Orihuela, was there in person to receive the donation. It
was explained during his introduction that the orphanage is dependent on
contributions such as this to keep the children equipped and that they don’t
receive state funding.
It must have seemed a strange combination of people and activities as he
stood on the platform and, with the help of a translator, expressed his
gratitude on behalf of the children of the orphanage. For Los Pistoleros it was
an opportunity to make their own pastime of benefit to others too.

Costa Blanca beach shut after Portuguese Man O War sighted

At least one beach on the Costa Blanca has been shut after a Portuguese Man O War was
found on the shores. Altea banned bathers until the waters could be deemed safe, and the
poisonous species have also been seen on the Levante and Mal Pas beaches in
neighbouring Benidorm, as they were earlier in the month.
Although it looks – and stings – like a jellyfish, the Portuguese Man O'War is in fact a
different species altogether, a marine hydrozoan from the Physaliidae family normally
found in the Pacific, Atlantic and the Indian Oceans, but not normally in the
Mediterranean. Given their very close similarity, the Portuguese Man O'War, or Physalia
Physalis, is often referred to as a 'false jellyfish'.
Its stings are extremely painful and poisonous, and in some very rare cases, have proven
As yet, Altea's environmental councillor Bea Nomdedeu says no reports have been
received of members of the public being stung, and the coastguard service has not
mentioned sightings for a day or two.
But the beach remains shut and will stay that way until at least the start of this week, in
case they come back, or longer if they are spotted again.
Lifeguards on the two aforementioned Benidorm beaches worked round the clock for two
days about a fortnight ago clearing up these perilous creatures. They fished out 14 of
them altogether.

Donation to homeless men

Imagine living without electricity, running water, sanitation – all the conveniences of
modern living. People living rough on waste land in Orihuela Costa face just that.
But now they have a petrol-driven generator, provided by a local church and a charity,
and at least can charge batteries to have electric lighting and can use low-powered
electric appliances.
It’s all thanks to the contributions from the congregation of the International Christian
Assembly in Torrevieja and Help at Home Costa Blanca, who jointly bought the 200
euro generator.
It was presented to those living rough by Carmen Perez, president of the charity and
church pastor Rafael Restrepo.
In addition, the church and charity have given the homeless in the area food parcels,
blankets, bedding, clothing, cooking utensils and personal hygiene items.
It was the idea of Eileen Mayes, past president of the charity and a member of the
church who realised there was a group of people living from hand to mouth beyond
the reach of social services’ facilities.
“There are a multitude of reasons why people end up homeless or living rough –
mental problems, marriage break-ups, things going terribly wrong in their lives which
they cannot cope with. There is no excuse for any country in the developed world to
allow people to slip through the net and turn their back on them,” said Eileen.
Pastor Raphel agreed. “It is wrong for people here in Spain to have to live this way and
there should be somewhere people can go where they have a permanent roof over
their heads and have the basic needs for modern living.”
Carmen added: “There is some accommodation, but this is in Orihuela town, miles
away from the coast and there is no provision here. Sadly the council in Orihuela think
most people on the coast are all financially secure second home owners who come
here for holidays.
“The truth is far from that. Sadly there are too many expats living on the coast who
don’t register on the Padron, don’t vote and don’t figure on council statistics, and as
the Padron is used to allocate funds per area, much money which should go on
providing facilities on the coast instead goes to Orihuela town and the surrounding
Eileen added: “We need to get people on the coast organised to get this dreadful state
of affairs sorted. People forced to live rough because of a lack of social services care,
are out of sight and out of mind. But a lack of council funding for Orihuela Costa is
there for everyone to see every day of the week. It’s staring you in the face with roads
full of unrepaired potholes, of pavements not maintained, and if you need an
ambulance or fire service be prepared to wait ages because they have to come from
quite a distance. Lives are at risk and it needs to be sorted.”
She added: “These homeless need to have a secure home in which to live. Not be living
under the constant threat of eviction on top of all the other hardships they are facing.”

3.6 metre shark found in Santa Pola

Passersby were astounded when a huge 200 kilo shark was pulled from the waters of Levante Beach at Santa Pola. The body of the already dead shark was moved towards the shore by Urbaser workers and was then removed from the water using a powerful crane.
The shark was spotted for the first time on Wednesday evening near the shoreline, but it was not until Thursday that the Policia Local got in touch with Urbaser and organised for several workers to meet at the beach to begin the process of removing the shark from the water.
With the help of a small motorboat the body was nudged towards the shore and a crane was then used to take it out of the water. The remains of the animal are believed to be still at the Urbaser facility as details are being finalised to transfer it to the Coastal Ecology Institute of the Generalitat Valenciana.
The exact species of the shark is yet to be confirmed.

Editorial CBP August 15 th Edition

What a great week ahead for entertainment. Hot Chocolate and Bob Marley
fans will be especially spoilt this week as effervescent Greg Bannis will be in
lots of areas this week. Greg, who was in Hot Chocolate for 16 years (and
replaced Errol Brown) is an extraordinary man. He has boundless energy and
with his love of all music and people, is always a wow factor. Greg works in
Austria, Germany and France, but now lives on the Costa Blanca. The Greg
Bannis experience can be found at The Pub in Gran Alacant on Tuesday and
El Rey in Balsicas on Thursday. Friday will be his first visit to the expansive
Olympia Pool and Gardens in Mil Palmeras then on Saturday it’s over to
Villamartin Plaza where he joins up with Dean Alexanda at Players Lounge.
He is only here for a short time, but already Curtis is making his mark as a bit
of a rock god! The very talented musician and showman will be at The Club in
Quesada on Saturday for the first time, followed on Sunday at Olympia Pool
and Gardens. I recently went to see his show and in my opinion he is one of
the best guitar players I have seen. Not only is he good looking, but he has
the personality to match and the skills of a great entertainer. His list of credits
show just how diverse his talents are. It’s not everyone who can say they
have been the guitarist with the 4 Tops. If you haven’t seen him yet, get
yourself to these venues. You won’t believe your eyes and ears!
Benidorm comes to La Marina Urb. on Saturday. Hillside complex has the
return of the Benidorm’s top Tina Turner Tribute, aptly named “Benidorm
Tina”. The lady sounds and moves just like our Tina and does some belting
dance songs for her second show from 60’s to ACDC. Shimmy on over to
Calle Bilbao for a very special show. If you are into 70’s and Quo then you are
in luck as multi talented Mickey Lewys from Benidorm will be at Posh Club,
next to the market place. Mickey can do it all, from Comedy to playing in
bands, to playing a piano and guitar. (Though not all at the same time!)
As always, if you would like your events listed, please email me full details in
plenty of time to:letsrockshowslive@gmail.com. Venues needing acts can
find me all over Facebook (bit of an addict ha, ha) or go to my website
www.lrshows.com or call the hotline on 634 332 354
Keep Entertainment Live on the Costa Blanca

UK-Spain flight market ranked largest in Europe

Spain has always been a popular destination for British holidaymakers all year round and according to the latest Official Airline Guide (OAG) data, the UK-Spain market is the largest European country pairing this winter season.
Compared to last year’s winter months, the market has grown by more than 12 percent for the number of seats and flights between Spain and the UK suggesting that more and more Brits looking for winter sun are choosing Spain as their desired destination.
The pairing between the UK and Spain being named as the largest in Europe is not only good for the airlines but also positive news for the Spanish property market, as Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of leading homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España, explains.
He said: “The increase in the number of flights and seats available between Spain and the UK reaffirms the high demand for the Spanish sunshine as Brits seek an escape from the dreary winter weather at home.
“With short haul flights from the UK to Spain proving the most popular routes in Europe, Taylor Wimpey España is ready to accommodate this winter sun demand with the launch of a new residential phase on the La Recoleta III development on the border of Orihuela Costa and Torrevieja.
“This area of the Costa Blanca is particularly popular due to the excellent climate and transportation links as well as the range of available water sports including windsurfing, sailing and paragliding that can be enjoyed all year round.”
Local hotels, bar and restaurants are also looking forward to benefitting from winter tourists. Many hostels, hotels, campsites and apart-hotels are already reporting increased occupancy rates based on the same time last year and are predicting that thiswill increase even more over the Christmas and New Year period.

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