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Agamed and the town hall working together

Monday 27 th August saw representatives from the town hall and Agamed, the
local water board, coming together, to look at the ways in which they can work
for the improvement of the town. Present at the meeting was the Councillor for
the environment, Fanny Serrano, the managing director of Agamed, José
Manuel Nadal and biologists Jesús Sánchez and Juan Antonio Pujol.
The meeting began with a review of the projects that have been developed
and carried out in previous years. Consideration was given to existing
programmes and how they might be continued and developed. This has been
a beneficial collaboration that is entering a more formal phase.
One area where it is agreed that more work should be done is in that of
education. ‘We need to carry out more environmental education activities,’
explained Councillor Serrano. ‘This is an area for development particularly
when it comes to work in schools. The youngest in our community need to
learn how to use water in a sustainable way.’
In July a campaign had been carried out to advertise the fact that you can
drink the water locally. Tasting sessions were held in La Mata weekly market
and in the Avenida de Los Marineros close to the tourist information point.
The idea was to encourage people to taste the water and see that it need not
taste of chlorine. This is an environmentally friendly project as the use of
plastic bottles in drinking water production is a major source of concern.
‘We will organise new tasting to continue informing the public of the quality of
the drinking water,’ José Manuel Nadal said at the meeting. Other planned
activities include an environmental and tourism event in the natural parks.
‘Music in the Park’ will take place featuring members of the Torrevieja
Symphony Orchestra by the end of September.
Other plans include the re-vegetation of the area around the water mill and
the replanting and preservation of rare species around the natural park. There
have already been a number of activities involving the removal of invasive
species and these are set to continue.
‘We have been collaborating on environmental matters since our local
government was formed,’ said Councillor Serrano. ‘We have now entered into
a formal agreement that will underpin our joint efforts in preserving and
improving the environment.’

Vicente García stand bites the dust

The councillor for sports, Victor Ferrández, has announced that the firm
contracted to demolish the main stand at Torrevieja’s football stadium has
begun its business. The work started with the demolition of the roof and a
crane has been sent in to dismantle it. The main indoor grandstand and
changing rooms are all due to be demolished and there will be disconnection
of all utilities.
Asbestos also needs to be removed from the site which will be left good
following the removal work. The demolition is expected to be complete by the
end of August. There are plans to replace some of the facilities and to ensure
that the team has somewhere they can play in future.
Councillor Ferrández has explained that in the new football season it is hoped
that the field will be back to normal and that the second phase can begin of
drafting a new project which will allow for new seating to be developed and
the stadium to have more modern facilities.
The need to demolish the stand and team locker room is nothing new. In 2014
it was recognised that there were deficiencies in the building work and a
technical report suggested that measures should be taken to limit the use of
the stand and accompanying locker room.
The stand did not, in fact, have a licence and it would have been too
complicated to have made the corrections necessary to enable one to be
applied. Instead it was decided that demolition and rebuilding would be a
better option. A minor contract has now been issued for a drafting of the
project and work is being carried out following the approval of the 2018

Pop Goes the Choir return

After last year’s successful performance ‘Pop Goes the Choir’ from Burnham
in England are returning to Torrevieja. They will be singing on Sunday 13 th
May in the Paseo Maritimo Juan Aparicio, next to the Hombre del Mar. Their
performance was announced by Councillor Carmen Morate as the first event
this year in the Feria de ONGs or Charity Fair. An ONG is an officially
registered charity in Spain.
Different charities will have stalls in place on the paseo between 11am and
2pm on the 13 th May. On the stalls there will be information about what the
different charities do as well as opportunity to sell some merchandise.
Councillor Morate has asked voluntary associations and charities to sign up to
the event. ‘It is important that people can see what you do,’ she explained.
One of those charities attending will be Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre.
They will have a stall which includes information about how they help
abandoned and abused horses. They will be happy to answer your questions
and explain more about what they do. There will be t-shirts available to
purchase along with pictures and books too.
Pop Goes the Choir will be performing on the day at 12.45pm. This isn’t the
only performance they will be making. You can also see the choir in the
Casino on Friday 11 th May at 8.00pm and in the Paseo Juan Aparicio by the
Hombre del Mar on Saturday 12 th May at 7.30pm. The group perform songs
from the 50s to the present day in their own unique style for free.
The choir cover lots of well-known music from Queen to Madonna and have
been together since 2010. Some of the choir members have links with
Torrevieja and for this reason have chosen the town for the second year
running as a venue to share their music. They are a not for profit organisation
and they usually perform in the UK for different charities. Currently they have
120 members altogether and last year around 50 made it to the Costa Blanca
to entertain the crowds here too.
You can find out more about the choir by visiting their website

Summer school to encourage children to take up golf

The Councillor for Sports, Víctor Valverde, has presented a golf initiative for this summer organised
the Department of Sports, which will take place during the month of June at the Vistabella Golf Club
in Entrenaranjos.
"With this initiative, we intend that our young people practice and discover golf with the valuable
sports and personal values that it offers," Valverde said, "also taking into account the provision that
Orihuela makes for this sport with five golf courses, some of them of a very high standard, in its
sports offering."
The councillor was accompanied by Joaquín Rocamora, technical director of the club, who wanted to
"thank the council for their support of this sport that is not perceived as a majority sport, but with
the renowned golfers we have in Spain as Jon Rahm and Sergio García, we must fight a little more
for this pastime."
This program is aimed at students of schools in the municipality of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades
of Primary, as well as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Secondary. The course will last one week and will be
divided into two, the first running from 11th to 15th June and from 18 th to 22 nd June from Monday to
Friday from 4.30pm to 6.30pm.
Children will be taught and practice this sport in a fun environment and it will be combined with
paddle lessons and flat green bowling in order to learn about other sporting practices.
The price for registration will be 25 euros per student, which includes five days of golf lessons with
fully qualified professional tutors, sports equipment, roundtrip transport to Entrenaranjos and
insurance and a sports licence, in addition to fruit and water for refreshment of the young golfers.
The councillor encouraged parents to participate and enrol their children in the programme who
want to discover this sport, "in which there are almost 35,000 federated youngsters in Spain",
through the schools themselves and also through the Department of Sport.

Focus on food and drink

The councillor for Tourism, Sofía Álvarez has confirmed the attendance of the municipality of
Orihuela at the trade fair "Alicante Gastronómica: Meeting of Mediterranean Lifestyle" an exhibition
of food and healthy living, which was held at IFA Alicante from Friday 4th to Monday 7th May, where
she believes that "Orihuela will play an important role in the province as one of the best gastronomic
destinations to discover".
Councillor Alvarez said: "The power of the municipality with its monuments, tradition, history,
nature tourism, sun and beach and golf, is complemented by local cuisine, based on the products of
the ‘garden’ and its tradition in the kitchens.”
Workshops and conferences, tastings, product sales and show-cooking demonstrations all took place
over the three days, and showed the public and professionals of the sector different gastronomic
specialties of the province. Orihuela showcased its best assets, ‘demonstrating the products of the
land, its rice dishes, and its gastronomy of the highest order’, the Councillor said.
Sophia Avarez wanted to thank the companies and collaborating associations that took part in this
event for their commitment. This included: Altos de Orihuela, Olé-Fruit, Salazones Pertusa,
Conservas Hortidesa, El Horno de Obispo and the Mediterranean Gastronomic Association.
Irish Pub Route Orihuela Costa
The Councillor for Tourism carried out the prize giving for the first Route of Irish Pubs of Orihuela
Costa that was held over the weekend of the 14 th and 15 April with the participation of 31 registered
Irish pubs taking part in the initiative.
The Councillor was accompanied by Raymond Kearney, representative of the Irish community in
Orihuela Costa, “which of the 101 nationalities that have made Orihuela home, is one of the most
numerous,” explained the Councillor. The Irish community has participated actively in this initiative
which aimed to unite people from across the municipality and encourage them to experience
different aspects of the area where they live. This success of the event has led to the commitment of
this community to carry out a second edition of this route soon.
The prizes consisted in the delivery of a bottle of wine along with merchandising and information on
the municipality, which includes the book recently published in English with Hernandian routes and
the biography of Miguel Hernández that can be explored in the municipality.
The winners were:
Best cover / Best Drink & Tapa
• The Abbey Tavern (La Florida)
• Slievenamon Irish Pub (Cabo Roig)
Best Presentation / Best Pub's Atmosphere
• Paddy's Point (La Zenia)
Best Decoration / Best Decoration
• The Depot (Cabo Roig)

"Play Clean" awareness campaign to keep Orihuela tidy

The councillor for Road Cleaning, Dámaso Aparicio, has presented the new awareness and
awareness campaign of the council for 2018, entitled "Play clean."
"With this slogan, we have the firm objective of raising awareness of the importance of caring for
the environment through small actions," said the councillor, "to help maintain cleanliness in the city,
beaches and districts of the municipality ."
The campaign which has already started will be developed throughout the year, focusing on the
actions that people can take to take care for the image of the municipality, such as the use of paper
mills, the care of street furniture, collecting the excreta of pets or taking out the garbage at the
established time, as well as the importance of recycling at source through the separation of waste in
the home.
A media campaign highlighting the principles of Play Clean will be carried out, with signage and
promotion, in addition to the creation of the website: orihuelalimpia.es/ with all the relative
information to the campaign and to the Concejalía.
Likewise, more than 30,000 information leaflets will be distributed throughout the municipality,
"which will be in Spanish, English and German in those directed to the residents of Orihuela Costa,
and in which special emphasis is placed on the timetables and places to perform the collection of
household goods and pruning, "explained Aparicio.
"We want to get people really involved in the cleaning and conservation of the municipality, because
it is everyone's task," said the councilman. "It will be the sum of those little anonymous gestures of
all citizens that help us to fulfil this goal, since it is not cleaner who cleans, but who less messes," he
Other actions of the Department
The councillor also gave an account of other complementary actions carried out by the area of
Urban Cleaning and Urban Waste in the municipality and that have aimed to facilitate recycling at
source through the selection and classification of urban waste.
These actions include the start-up of the two mobile eco-parks for Orihuela city, districts and
Orihuela Costa, awareness campaigns in schools in the municipality, as well as the distribution of
recycling selection boxes in municipal buildings and schools, as well as its installation in major events
of the municipality such as the Medieval Market.
Through these initiatives it has been possible to increase the recycling of paper, cardboard and light
packaging in the municipality, which in 2014 was 667 tons and has gone to 861. Likewise, in the case
of glass recycling, in 2014 1,900 tons were registered of this recycled material, increasing in 2017 to
2200 tons (75 percent of the total glass generated).
Aparicio has also pushed for the repair of one of the trucks of the Department, damaged in 2012 and
now road worthy once again is destined to begin collection work in Orihuela Costa, in addition to the
signing of an agreement with the organisation ECOEMBES for a greater number of recycling
containers, the glass recycling campaign for the summer, and the new IMEDES campaigns with the
educational and collaboration centres with the Vega Baja Waste Consortium, which will be
announced soon.

Fibromyalgia awareness raising

From the 7 th to 13 th May it’s Fibromyalgia awareness week. The events of the
week were presented at a press conference by Councillor Carmen Morate
with Maite Miralles and Juncal Macho who are president and secretary of
ASIMEPP (Asociación de Salud Integral, Mejoras Psícofísicas and
Psicosociales in Torrevieja). This is the third time that such an event has been
Fibromyalgia day is on 12 th May and awareness raising is being supported by
the town hall in Torrevieja. ‘It’s to give voice during these kinds of events to
the people who suffer from chronic illnesses and pain like fibromyalgia,’
announced Councillor Morate.
Everyone is invited to take part in the organised activitieswhich include an
open day, yoga workshops and Taichi at the Hombre del Mar on the 12 th May
at 11am. A manifesto will also be read and there will be three conferences by
University professors looking at various aspects of the disease. On Friday 11 th
May there will be a talk in the indoor market about how to improve your eating
habits to tackle the condition.
At 8.30 pm on 11 th May an award will be presented to an individual for their
collaboration and support in addressing the issues surrounding the condition.
The week’s awareness raising will conclude on May 13 th with Tibetan sound
therapy in the Centro de la Tercera Edad in Calle San Pascual at 11am.
Fibromyalgia is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body.
People suffering from the disease may also find that they are extremely tired,
have muscle stiffness and experience difficulty sleeping. They may also have
problems with memory and concentration and frequently suffer from
headaches and IBS.
Although treatment is available for some of these symptoms they are unlikely
to disappear completely. The exact causes of the syndrome are unknown but
it is thought to be linked to abnormal levels of some chemicals in the brain. It
is believed that some people are more likely to develop it due to the genes
inherited from their parents. The condition can also be triggered by a stressful
Fibromyalgia affects more women than men and typically develops between
the ages of 30 and 50 although it can occur in people of any age including
children and the elderly. Estimates suggest that between one to 20 people
may be affected to some extent. It is a difficult condition to diagnose as there
are no specific tests for the condition and the symptoms mimic other
conditions too.

Beach bar contract still not tendered

The councilman of Contracting, Francisco Saez, has given an update on the contract for the
provision of chiringuitos on the beaches of Orihuela. The update comes hot on the heels of
annoyance from local residents and holidaymakers at the closure of the beach bars during
the Easter holiday period.
In response to calls for the current supplier to continue until a new service provider is
appointed, Councillor Saez explained that there has "never been any request for an
extension to the contract by the Department of Beaches, so we cannot prolong the contract
The Councillor said that new specifications and valuation criteria have been added to the file
by the Council for Beaches, initiating the new tender dossier. Currently, the municipal
technicians are working on the new specifications and as soon as the file finalised the
department will tender according to the criteria established by the Department of Beaches,
and with accordance to the deadlines specified in Contract Law.
The councillor was keen to point out that his department was not to blame for the fact that
the beach bars are currently closed. He said the official contract ended at Easter 2018 and
was kee to point out that ‘any extension of the contract or the new tender does not depend
on the area of contracting, since we only process the requests that are requested b the
different areas of the municipal government’. He also defended the staff of the Department
of Contracting, saying that they ‘work with professionalism and I do not think it reasonable
to question their work. We are going to try to get the tender out as soon as possible so that
the summer will be covered with the new contract’.

New culture website for Orihuela

Cultura.Orihuela.es is the address of the new website of the Department of Culture recently
launched by the Councillor for Culture Mar Ezcurra. The site, which is already operational offers
‘rapid, complete and updated information on all cultural activities and events’ that are organised by
the Town Hall department across the municipality of Orihuela.
Councillor Ezcurra explained: “The new website is intended to be a window from which culture
appears to the public and is disseminated so that everyone who wants information is only one click
away. The new website is simple, practical and dynamic. An essential tool that will allow us to keep
all citizens informed about all of the cultural news that we generate and in real time.”
Cultura.Orihuela.es is a ‘visual and intuitive’ website and very simple to use when it comes to
browsing and finding all the cultural information. It is made up of several sections, such as Events,
which includes a calendar to enable users to find all scheduled activities indicating the content, date,
time, place and other information of interest. Another of the highlighted sections is News, where
visitors to the website can find all the information generated by the council with texts, photographs
and links. Likewise, the website includes a section on Museums, which houses all the information in
a clear and simple way on all the museums and places of interest that the municipality of Orihuela
It also has a section dedicated to the Circus Theatre, which is the hub of cultural activity in the city.
The sheer volume of activity the theatre generates means that the website holds its events for the
coming quarter of the year such as plays – with a synopsis of the subject – concerts, events, tickets
and prices. TheMurales de San Isidro also has its own section which houses all the information on
this important cultural activity of the municipality.
Mar Ezcurra said: “Cultura.Orihuela.es is a dynamic and alive website, with continuous movement
and a continuous process of adaptation to the communication needs that may arise. In fact, in a few
days, the page will be adapted for people with poor of vision, with dexterity issues, difficulty with
arm movements or cognitive or intellectual disabilities. In addition, it will also aid navigation for
older users, those with reading difficulties or with little understanding of the internet.”
The new Cultural website interacts with the main social networks of the council, which allows
immediate dissemination of all events and at the same time offers a two-way interface with users in
order to collect any queries or concerns and answer any questions that may arise – something the
Councillor said was considered essential by the department.
The councillor concluded the launch presentation of the new website by highlighting "the
accessibility, immediacy and dynamism of the resource, stressing that it would be updated minute
by minute and invited all residents to ‘visit and use it as an essential cultural guide and leisure time
planner’ for the municipality of Orihuela.

Environment Department removes Orihuela Costa rubbish dump

The Councillor for the Environment, Miguel Ángel Fernández, has announced the completion of the
work to remove the three waste dumps that has been identified in Orihuela Costa. This programme
of works began last week and consisted of “removing, transporting and depositing debris in the
authorised manager,” said the Councillor.
These three dumps were illegal and located on municipal plots of land and damaged the image of
the immediate surroundings and the coast in general. In total, some 200 tons of rubble have been
removed, mostly construction material and composed of plastics, plant debris and some household
items, which has had an approximate cost of 7,000 euros.
The councillor said that "with this action, the risks that could risk public health or were a fire risk are
reduced", while reiterating the departments "commitment to protecting the landscape of the area
and restoring the environment".

New Leroy Merlin store on the coast

On Thursday, the Mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, opened the new Leroy Merlin store that has
just been purpose built in Orihuela Costa. A sister store to the main DIY superstore at Zenia
Boulevard, the new branch in La Regia specialises in building supplies.
Bascuñana stressed that "this opening is another example of the fact that the trade in Orihuela is a
living sector in full development, and that it also brings new jobs to our city." The Oriolan Mayor was
accompanied by the Councillor for Commerce, Miguel Ángel Fernández, and the deputy mayor,
Rafael Almagro. There were also several senior representatives from Leroy Merlin including: the
manager of Leroy Merlin La Zenia , Gonzalo Rodríguez, the regional director of the Southeast zone,
José Luis Ramírez, the director of Development of Leroy Merlin Spain, Juan Sevillano, the head of
Expansión, Borja Arambarri and the director Leroy Merlin also attended. La Zenia, Antonio Javier

Domestic violence up 50 percent in Orihuela

The Councillor for Equality of the City of Orihuela, Sabina Galindo was at the forefront of recent
events commemorate the International Day Against Gender Violence. The programme began on
Friday when a purple ribbon – the emblem of the cause – was tied to the façade of the Town Hall.
The weekend saw a march Against Gender Violence from the Town Hall to the Gabriel Miró
roundabout, where manifestos were read and a video made by the council was screened, showing
all those involved in the fight against Gender Violence across the municipality. A Social Forum and a
mass were also held as part of the initiative.
The councillor said: “It is not enough just to participate in the commemorative events every 25 th
November; the awareness of this scourge must be of a permanent nature, and we cannot allow
situations of gender violence to occur, not one more. "
The council also presented the statistics of Gender Violence in the municipality, collected in the last
year by the Service of Attention to Gender Violence (SEMAVIG), which offers comprehensive care to
women who are or may be in a situation of gender-based violence and minors under parental
authority, guardianship and custody of female victims of gender violence.
This year a total of 93 interventions have been registered, which is approximately an increase of 50
percent on the previous period. Of these women, 10 of them requested information and advice, and
83 are part of the multidisciplinary intervention program of this municipal service, through which the
victim is assisted and also offered psychotherapeutic care programs.
There are 24 women who have accessed this program after having filed a previous complaint, and 9
of them who never have previously done so.
In the case of psychological treatment programs, 60 percent of women attended to decided to
access these rehabilitation programs, counting a total of 68 women, 18 of whom have joined this
year. Likewise, a treatment session has been started in a support group format, which has 6 women
participants, in addition to providing psychological help to 12 children.
The majority of these women are Spanish (46), followed by other nationalities: European (19), South
American (10), African (7) and Asian (1), which, in the words of the councillor, "shows that Gender
violence is something universal, which occurs in all countries of the world, regardless of the
economic situation, the level of development and the political regime of the place”.
The majority of women helped are from downtown Orihuela (39), followed by districts (25) and the
coast (19). The majority of interventions have been carried out for women between the ages of 30
and 50 (49), 22 of whom are under 30 years of age, and two of these are under 18 years of age. Of
these, 50 percent have medium-high educational levels (bachelor's degrees, training cycles or
university studies), with 63 percent of the women in a situation without resources (unemployed or
students), for which the situation of cohabitation as a couple, economic dependence and children in
common are an added handicap to getting out of an abusive situation.

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