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Symphony orchestra programme 2018-2019

Symphony orchestra programme 2018-2019
Torrevieja Symphony Orchestra (OST) presented their annual programme for the year 2018-19 to the press. This year will be the 10th anniversary of the orchestra and will include six concerts with European artists and four concerts of Chamber Music. A book has also been produced that summarises the history of the past decade for the orchestra and will be presented on the 24th October to the public.
The classic performances will begin with the music of Tchaikovsky and Dvorak on 27th October. On 2nd December there will be a soloist flute performance by Jordi López who will play an interpretation of Mozart and Schubert. There will be two concerts to celebrate the new year and the Christmas Kings on 5th and 6th January. This will include waltzes, polkas and Spanish music. On 2nd March a concert will be held in honour of the Nordic audience with the music of Grieg.
In the spring, the OST has prepared a concert of popular movie sound tracks such as Out of Africa, Jurassic Park, Gladiator and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The spring programme will conclude with Spanish music on 11th May.
Director, José Francisco Sánchez, took time to thank the board of directors who have helped the orchestra to grow from a chamber group to the orchestra it is now. ‘I always had the goal of filling the International Auditorium,’ he explained. ‘That dream has been fulfilled with more than 20 concerts being held this year.’
The OST’s performances at the International Auditorium have proved to be particularly popular with residents from many different countries including Germany, Belgium, Norway and Sweden as well as amongst those resident torrevejenses who are now taking up the opportunity to make the most of the auditorium on the hill.
Along with the OST programme there will also be four concerts of Chamber Music that will be held in the Auditorium chamber room. This room has 420 seats altogether. The cost of this is reasonable at only eight euros entry for the general public and seven euros for those who are members.
The violinist, Stanislav Tkach outlined the dates for the four Chamber Music concerts and said that throughout his travels to 22 different countries he had never met such a welcoming audience. The performances will begin on 15th September at 8pm and the first one will include a selection of Beethoven and Shostakovich.
The second concert includes compositions by Mozart and will take place on 26th January. The third is scheduled for 20th April and will celebrate Holy Week with the music of Handel, Vivaldi and Bach. The last concert will be on 8th June and will include interpretations of Mozart and Haydn.
The president also pointed out that this year there will be a bus service up to the auditorium with pick up from the Eras de la Sal, the Hotel Fontana and the BP petrol station in town. A service that’s believed to be particularly useful for pensioners and those who live further away.Anyone wishing to buy tickets for the concerts can do so between 10am and 1pm and from 5pm and 7pm at calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez number 23.

Pop Goes the Choir return

After last year’s successful performance ‘Pop Goes the Choir’ from Burnham
in England are returning to Torrevieja. They will be singing on Sunday 13 th
May in the Paseo Maritimo Juan Aparicio, next to the Hombre del Mar. Their
performance was announced by Councillor Carmen Morate as the first event
this year in the Feria de ONGs or Charity Fair. An ONG is an officially
registered charity in Spain.
Different charities will have stalls in place on the paseo between 11am and
2pm on the 13 th May. On the stalls there will be information about what the
different charities do as well as opportunity to sell some merchandise.
Councillor Morate has asked voluntary associations and charities to sign up to
the event. ‘It is important that people can see what you do,’ she explained.
One of those charities attending will be Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre.
They will have a stall which includes information about how they help
abandoned and abused horses. They will be happy to answer your questions
and explain more about what they do. There will be t-shirts available to
purchase along with pictures and books too.
Pop Goes the Choir will be performing on the day at 12.45pm. This isn’t the
only performance they will be making. You can also see the choir in the
Casino on Friday 11 th May at 8.00pm and in the Paseo Juan Aparicio by the
Hombre del Mar on Saturday 12 th May at 7.30pm. The group perform songs
from the 50s to the present day in their own unique style for free.
The choir cover lots of well-known music from Queen to Madonna and have
been together since 2010. Some of the choir members have links with
Torrevieja and for this reason have chosen the town for the second year
running as a venue to share their music. They are a not for profit organisation
and they usually perform in the UK for different charities. Currently they have
120 members altogether and last year around 50 made it to the Costa Blanca
to entertain the crowds here too.
You can find out more about the choir by visiting their website

Enjoy music in the park

Councillor for the environment in Torrevieja, Fanny Serrano, has organised a
classical music concert to take place on the 28 th July in the natural park. The
orchestra will play in the zone known as La Pinada del Parque Natural and is
part of a new initiative to get the town’s people to use its natural, open spaces
more and recognise its value.
The music will be provided by Torrevieja’s International Symphonic Orchestra
and the idea came from seeing the impact of a previous concert performed
there; ‘Habaneras en el Parque’. ‘It will be a unique concert,’ explained the
councillor, ‘set in the heart of this natural area.’ The music played will include
well-known pieces from the classical repertoire.
The audience for the concert will be limited to 100 people and you must
collect your invitation from either the Visitors’ reception centre at the park or
from Agamed. It will take place at 10.30pm, a time picked in order that
participants can watch the sunset too.
Paco Martínez is director of the park and considers that an event of this type
is completely compatible with the park’s environment and that it will not
disturb the animals. ‘It will be a harmonious and a soft sound. The animals are
used to much louder noises,’ he explained during the press conference. ‘We
want people to link culture with nature, our goal is that people value the park
more highly.’
Agamed water company are patrons of the Symphonic Orchestra and are
delighted to be involved with the plans. They are very happy with the proposal
as are the members of the orchestra too.
The concert is planned during an important year for the park which is currently
celebrating its 20 th anniversary. ‘It’s a good present for the park,’ said
Councillor Serrano, ‘and for nature lovers.’