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Local police refuse to work overtime

The unions of the Orihuela Local Police have announced that their officers are not going to
work any overtime or work the established hours to cover events until an agreement is
reached over a series of improvements they have been proposing for several years.
In a statement they warned they are also considering “more serious measures which for the
moment will not be applied”. The unions explained “we have been trying to negotiate with
the Town Hall for years but so far nothing has been resolved”.
Their demands are as follows: Restore the 10 vacant places and take on as many additional
officers as possible under the law to meet needs; Scrap the process to hire Mobility Officers
and use the money to create new Police Officers. Regarding part-time officers, they demand
equal pay on different scales, a regulation to cover second jobs, compliance with agreed
working conditions, a committee to negotiate, establishment of minimum hours.
Councillor Mariola Rocamora said the system for covering events (sport, culture, social and
fiestas) is vital to guarantee people’s safety and was agreed to by unions, allowing officers
to volunteer for six hour shifts during the year and be paid €207 for each one.
She indicated the law allows large towns to appoint council workers who are not police as
Mobility Agents to direct traffic.
The union reps met with Councillor Rafael Almagro on Friday as a first step towards starting
negotiations. Unions warn events may not be able to go ahead, particularly in villages
and Orihuela Costa
“Not working extra shifts will mean less officers are available each day and at weekends,”
explained SPPLB union rep Francisco Cánovas. “If there are not enough then activities will
have to be postponed unless somebody wants to take responsibility in case something
The police force currently has about 140 officers but the unions calculate more than 200 are
needed to cover the whole municipality.
They say the creation of Mobility Officers to direct traffic “makes no sense” because they
could not issue fines and so “would be like any citizen who can call us if they see a drunk
driver but cannot fine them”.
Another meeting has been scheduled for next week.

Orihuela Costa Sports Centre hosts Goalkeeper Clinic

The official sports centre for the coast, CDM Orihuela Costa, in collaboration with the Club Deportivo
Rayo Orihuela is to hold its second annual Performance Clinic for Goalkeepers, which will take place
on 3rd, 4th and 5th April, from 10:30am to 1:30pm.
The aim of the Clinic is to develop and evolve all the technical-tactical and psychological aspects of
the specific position of goalkeeper. Those taking part will experience high performance exercises,
activities in the indoor pool and workshop talks with video analysis of actual performances on the
The during the last day of the course the "Batalla Final de Porteros" match will be held which will
consist of a “play off” between two goalkeepers in a playing field of reduced dimensions with two
The Clinic is aimed at children aged between 7 and 19 years of age and the sessions will be directed
by qualified coaches, with extensive experience and will be conducted in both Spanish and English,
and is aimed at all goalkeepers at all levels. Participants will be provided with fruit, water and
isotonic drink in addition to receiving a gift t-shirt.
Registration is open from Monday, 12 th February until Monday, 2 nd April. There will also be planned
discounts for students already enrolled in the sports schools of the CDM in the 2017-2018 season.
Those interested in participating can enrol for registration at the reception of the Sports Centre or by
calling 965 503 915, sending a WhatsApp message to 661 796 798 or sending an email to:

New culture website for Orihuela

Cultura.Orihuela.es is the address of the new website of the Department of Culture recently
launched by the Councillor for Culture Mar Ezcurra. The site, which is already operational offers
‘rapid, complete and updated information on all cultural activities and events’ that are organised by
the Town Hall department across the municipality of Orihuela.
Councillor Ezcurra explained: “The new website is intended to be a window from which culture
appears to the public and is disseminated so that everyone who wants information is only one click
away. The new website is simple, practical and dynamic. An essential tool that will allow us to keep
all citizens informed about all of the cultural news that we generate and in real time.”
Cultura.Orihuela.es is a ‘visual and intuitive’ website and very simple to use when it comes to
browsing and finding all the cultural information. It is made up of several sections, such as Events,
which includes a calendar to enable users to find all scheduled activities indicating the content, date,
time, place and other information of interest. Another of the highlighted sections is News, where
visitors to the website can find all the information generated by the council with texts, photographs
and links. Likewise, the website includes a section on Museums, which houses all the information in
a clear and simple way on all the museums and places of interest that the municipality of Orihuela
It also has a section dedicated to the Circus Theatre, which is the hub of cultural activity in the city.
The sheer volume of activity the theatre generates means that the website holds its events for the
coming quarter of the year such as plays – with a synopsis of the subject – concerts, events, tickets
and prices. TheMurales de San Isidro also has its own section which houses all the information on
this important cultural activity of the municipality.
Mar Ezcurra said: “Cultura.Orihuela.es is a dynamic and alive website, with continuous movement
and a continuous process of adaptation to the communication needs that may arise. In fact, in a few
days, the page will be adapted for people with poor of vision, with dexterity issues, difficulty with
arm movements or cognitive or intellectual disabilities. In addition, it will also aid navigation for
older users, those with reading difficulties or with little understanding of the internet.”
The new Cultural website interacts with the main social networks of the council, which allows
immediate dissemination of all events and at the same time offers a two-way interface with users in
order to collect any queries or concerns and answer any questions that may arise – something the
Councillor said was considered essential by the department.
The councillor concluded the launch presentation of the new website by highlighting "the
accessibility, immediacy and dynamism of the resource, stressing that it would be updated minute
by minute and invited all residents to ‘visit and use it as an essential cultural guide and leisure time
planner’ for the municipality of Orihuela.

Iberdrola and Orihuela sign an agreement for improved electricity supply

Iberdrola and the City Council of Orihuela have signed an agreement to improve the
electricity supply for the town and its districts and at the same time eliminate an overhead
power line that runs from the area of Capuchinos to Santo Domingo and affects visually the
historic centre of the city.
The agreement was signed at the municipal offices by the Mayor of Orihuela, Emilio
Bascuñana, and the director of Distribution For Iberdrola in the Valencian Community,
Bonifacio Álvarez. Also present were the Councillor for Heritage and Urban Planning, Rafael
Almagro, and the Head of the Distribution for the province of Alicante, Antonio Mendivil,
among others.
After the agreement has been signed the Mayor said: “This is one of the most important
agreements of this legislature for the development of Orihuela.”
In the coming years, Iberdrola plans to invest more than two million euros in the
construction of new underground medium and low voltage lines in the historic centre of the
city, through the adaptation of several transformation centres and the reformation of
Medium voltage overhead lines in the outskirts of Orihuela and the rural area of the
municipality, as well as in the Orihuela Costa area.
This will improve the quality of the local electricity supply by using more advanced
technologies that are more respectful of the environment and meet the growth in electricity
demand expected in the coming years.
In addition, Iberdrola will eliminate 2.5 kilometres of overhead lines and several
transformation centres which exist in the historical old city, specifically those that visually
affect the Santo Domingo School and the Church of Santiago, as well as the birthplace of
Miguel Hernández.
In 2018 Iberdrola is also going to complete the installation of an intelligent electrical
network in Orihuela, where the company will replace the more than 88,000 traditional
meters with the new intelligent ‘smart’ measurement equipment. More than 600
transformation centres will be upgraded to enable local householders to enjoy the
advantages of this system of tele-management and automation of the electrical network.
Smart grids allow improvement in the efficiency of consumption as well as the provision of
various remote services, such as reading the consumption of electricity in real time, the
processing of high or low contracts and the modification of the contracted power, as well as
pricing by time bands.
In addition, the company will be able to oversee what is happening in the electricity
network and detect any type of anomaly. This will improve efficiently and the quality of
supply, reducing incidents and their duration.

Children’s charity concert success

Around €2,500 was raised for the Butterfly Children Charity, DEBRA, when Melody
Makers International and the Orihuela Costa Male Voice Choir joined forces in a concert,
at the Orihuela Costa Resort Hotel, La Zenia recently. It was a case of standing room
only, with the "House Full" sign, prominently on display as the good people of the Costa
Blanca once again gave their full support to the event.
Two audiences, at 2pm and 8pm, were both royally entertained with a musical mix from
the pen of Sigmund Romberg, Irving Berlin, Franz Lehar, Puccini and a splendid
arrangement by Brymer of Freddy Mercury's "Bohemian Rhapsody". Special mention
perhaps in this mixed bag of wonderful music would be to Rebecca Holt with the Barry
and Robin Gibb classic, "A Woman in Love", "The Grand March" from Aida, and by the
full company, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". Classic songs from "White Horse Inn",
"The Merry Widow" and "Les Miserables" kept Saturday's audiences well entertained.
No concert by Nigel Hopkins would be complete without Jane Atkinson and Eric Berg,
taking to the stage. This year was no exception, with the dynamic duo becoming "A
Couple of Swells" from Easter Parade.
Director Nigel Hopkins was delighted to let Saturday's audiences know, that in 10 years
of bringing shows like this concert to the Costa Blanca, a total of Fifty thousand euros
has been raised and presented to local charities and so the the standing ovation given to
this Saturday's "Choral Spectacular" was even more well deserved.
The Butterfly Children Charity, DEBRA would like to thank Nigel and Pauline Hopkins and
the Melody Makers International for choosing to support the charity once again and the
audience who gave so generously to the cause, their interest in the charity is hugely
appreciated. “They truly give us wings!”

Beach walkways in Orihuela Costa renewed

The Councillor for the Beaches of Orihuela, Luisa Boné, has announced that the city has
purchased various types of walkway for the local beaches this season. The Municipal
Department of Beaches has signed a contract for delivery, both for non-rollable non-slip
double-width beach walkways, and for roll-up beach walkways.
The Councillor reported that "both types are autoclaved to withstand climatic weathering,
which is fundamental to their durability". She added that "these 2.40 cm wide beach
walkways will be installed in the areas that run between the beach promenade and the
relaxation area. They are particularly useful for people with reduced mobility as they help to
facilitate access to the beach.
In addition, these beach walkways with their blue-painted edges are easier to spot for
people with visual impairment and so meet one of the requirements set out in the Forum on
On the other hand, the roll-up beach walkways will be added to the final sections of the
non-rollable beach walkways to connect the dry sand area with the wet sand and so
improve accessibility for those who wish to swim or paddle.
The new beach walkways are being installed in the four main beaches, which already have
bathing areas for the disabled. These are the beaches of: Cala Bosque, Cala Capitán, La Glea
and Barranco Rubio. Over time, these new beach walkways models will be installed at other
beaches across Orihuela. The sum of this investment amounts to 27.094,32 €.

Environment Department removes Orihuela Costa rubbish dump

The Councillor for the Environment, Miguel Ángel Fernández, has announced the completion of the
work to remove the three waste dumps that has been identified in Orihuela Costa. This programme
of works began last week and consisted of “removing, transporting and depositing debris in the
authorised manager,” said the Councillor.
These three dumps were illegal and located on municipal plots of land and damaged the image of
the immediate surroundings and the coast in general. In total, some 200 tons of rubble have been
removed, mostly construction material and composed of plastics, plant debris and some household
items, which has had an approximate cost of 7,000 euros.
The councillor said that "with this action, the risks that could risk public health or were a fire risk are
reduced", while reiterating the departments "commitment to protecting the landscape of the area
and restoring the environment".

Council website more accessible for people with disabilities

The Councillor responsible for the modernisation of administration, Miguel Ángel Fernández, has
presented a new service that will facilitate the improvement of accessibility and usability of the City
of Orihuela’s website.
The councillor explained: “Nine percent of people in our country, about 4 million, have some
disability. From this Council, and working alongside the Department of Social Welfare, with
accessibility forefront of mind, we thought it important to work so that this sector of society can
have the same opportunities to reach all of the municipal services on our website.”
"The most appropriate platform to provide this service, both for quality, performance and price, was
the InSUIT platform," Councillor Fernandez explained. "The issues that most interested us were
firstly that it will not require a modification of the web page, and secondly the possibility of being
used from any computer and for free."
Technical assistance will be provided to those with decreased or lack of vision, difficulty in mobility
of hands and arms, speech difficulties, or cognitive or intellectual disabilities. In addition, it will also
facilitate navigation for the elderly, users with reading difficulties or with few digital capabilities.
The person using the website will only have to use the tab enabled in the website to activate this
service, which will provide instant access to the set of tools needed for navigation, which allows the
user to adapt the aids to their needs and preferences.
In addition, the website will be optimised for navigation for people with reduced visual capacity and
will read the content to the user, can receive voice commands or any sound to navigate without
using their hands, or will allow navigation through the keyboard and without the need for the use of
the mouse.

€240K for cliff repairs

The City Council for Beaches is investing €240,000 to repair the cliffs of
the Orihuela coast.
The councillor for beaches, Luisa Boné, offered an update this week on the
maintenance and strengthening works which were carried out on the during 2017 on
the coast of Orihuela.
The first measure, which has already been completed, was the work on the
cliff in Cabo Roig, for an investment of € 187,000. A project that began in 2017 and
ended the more than three-year closure of the beach promenade of Cala Capitán.
The second phase started earlier this month on the cliffs of the beach at
Aguamarina. Boné said, "When the technical services were informed about the
existence of new rockfalls, in this case on the coast of Aguamarina, the City Council
for Beaches drew up a new contract to repair a section of the cliff that has been
eroded mainly due to rainwater. We removed a part of the promenade, which
represented a clear risk, both for those who walked along the promenade and for
those who did it on the beach."
The city councillor noted that in December the obligatory approval of the
Coastal Ministry was obtained in order to carry out the work. Boné also said that "the
work will consist of cleaning the slope, building a brick wall to avoid continuous
erosion by rainwater, and installing a protective net on both sides of the wall to
prevent any possible rock fall to the beach."
This second project has a budget of €52,713.82 and the City Council for
Beaches expects that this work will be completed in a few weeks.

Bigger and better Orihuela Belén opens its doors

The Mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, and the councillor of Festivities, Mariola
Rocamora, has officially opened the Municipal Bethlehem scene, known in Spanish as the
Belen, which opened its doors to the public after the reading the Christmas proclamation.
This year the Belen represents three scenes and gives life to the more than 300 figures that
make it up.
"After the success of last year in which Orihuela premiered its Bethlehem, many Oriolan
people are eager to discover this year's composition and continue to revive one of the
oldest traditions of our Christmas," said Bascuñana.
The Councillor of Festivities explained that the Belen "has been built in such a way that
visitors can observe the depth of the landscape, and it has been created to be as realistic as
possible." Councillor Rocamora also explained that the nativity scene is divided into three
spaces: The first one represents the Annunciation, followed by the hub of Bethlehem, and
ends with the flight to Egypt. She pointed out some of the highlights of the Bethlehem,
saying that "among the novelties this year we have an allegory of the Puerta de la Olma, and
we have the Palmeral and Orchard of Orihuela represented."
The Association of Belenistas de Elche has been responsible for shaping this belenística
composition, which has a larger surface area and landscape depth.

New Leroy Merlin store on the coast

On Thursday, the Mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana, opened the new Leroy Merlin store that has
just been purpose built in Orihuela Costa. A sister store to the main DIY superstore at Zenia
Boulevard, the new branch in La Regia specialises in building supplies.
Bascuñana stressed that "this opening is another example of the fact that the trade in Orihuela is a
living sector in full development, and that it also brings new jobs to our city." The Oriolan Mayor was
accompanied by the Councillor for Commerce, Miguel Ángel Fernández, and the deputy mayor,
Rafael Almagro. There were also several senior representatives from Leroy Merlin including: the
manager of Leroy Merlin La Zenia , Gonzalo Rodríguez, the regional director of the Southeast zone,
José Luis Ramírez, the director of Development of Leroy Merlin Spain, Juan Sevillano, the head of
Expansión, Borja Arambarri and the director Leroy Merlin also attended. La Zenia, Antonio Javier

Domestic violence up 50 percent in Orihuela

The Councillor for Equality of the City of Orihuela, Sabina Galindo was at the forefront of recent
events commemorate the International Day Against Gender Violence. The programme began on
Friday when a purple ribbon – the emblem of the cause – was tied to the façade of the Town Hall.
The weekend saw a march Against Gender Violence from the Town Hall to the Gabriel Miró
roundabout, where manifestos were read and a video made by the council was screened, showing
all those involved in the fight against Gender Violence across the municipality. A Social Forum and a
mass were also held as part of the initiative.
The councillor said: “It is not enough just to participate in the commemorative events every 25 th
November; the awareness of this scourge must be of a permanent nature, and we cannot allow
situations of gender violence to occur, not one more. "
The council also presented the statistics of Gender Violence in the municipality, collected in the last
year by the Service of Attention to Gender Violence (SEMAVIG), which offers comprehensive care to
women who are or may be in a situation of gender-based violence and minors under parental
authority, guardianship and custody of female victims of gender violence.
This year a total of 93 interventions have been registered, which is approximately an increase of 50
percent on the previous period. Of these women, 10 of them requested information and advice, and
83 are part of the multidisciplinary intervention program of this municipal service, through which the
victim is assisted and also offered psychotherapeutic care programs.
There are 24 women who have accessed this program after having filed a previous complaint, and 9
of them who never have previously done so.
In the case of psychological treatment programs, 60 percent of women attended to decided to
access these rehabilitation programs, counting a total of 68 women, 18 of whom have joined this
year. Likewise, a treatment session has been started in a support group format, which has 6 women
participants, in addition to providing psychological help to 12 children.
The majority of these women are Spanish (46), followed by other nationalities: European (19), South
American (10), African (7) and Asian (1), which, in the words of the councillor, "shows that Gender
violence is something universal, which occurs in all countries of the world, regardless of the
economic situation, the level of development and the political regime of the place”.
The majority of women helped are from downtown Orihuela (39), followed by districts (25) and the
coast (19). The majority of interventions have been carried out for women between the ages of 30
and 50 (49), 22 of whom are under 30 years of age, and two of these are under 18 years of age. Of
these, 50 percent have medium-high educational levels (bachelor's degrees, training cycles or
university studies), with 63 percent of the women in a situation without resources (unemployed or
students), for which the situation of cohabitation as a couple, economic dependence and children in
common are an added handicap to getting out of an abusive situation.

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