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Tackling domestic violence

On the 18 th September the mayor of Torrrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, signed
along with 62 other representative of organisations, political parties and social
groups the Pacto Valenciano against domestic violence. The agreement
acknowledges 293 ways in which it is intended to tackle this problem.
Vice president and councillor for equality and inclusivity, Mónica Oltra, said;
‘Today has been a historic day for all those in valencian society.’ Torrevieja’s
mayor, José Manuel Dolón, spoke out against the problem indicating that the
intention is to use every method possible including technical, judicial, political,
educationto tackle it.
Mónica Oltra has pointed out that the vaccine for the problem is that of
ensuring a society where there are equal relationships between men and
women. The five strategies that have been indicated as part of the agreement
 The pursuit of a society that is free from domestic violence
 Raise the status of women generally in society
 Coordinate the works of organisations who are supporting the women
and children who are victims of domestic violence
 Recognising the political nature of the problem
 A budget provided to develop and implement objectives
The pact has been the result of eight days’ work including different political
parties and representative of a number of associations in the Valencian

Ready for the ‘October’ Fair

It was sadly missed in May but now it looks as though the May Fair will still
take place, if a little late in October. The inaugural event, the offering of
flowers, took place on Sunday 24 th September, 15 days before the festival
itself will begin.
Dozens of people dressed in traditional sevillanas clothes took part in the
ceremony which includes the offering of flowers to the Virgen del Inmaculada
in the calles Ramón and Cajal. This was just a prequel to the flamboyant Feria
de Sevillanas that we can now expect to take place from the 10 th to 15 th
Octoberin the port area of the town.
The delay in holding the fair was due to difficulty in issuing the correct
contracts in time. These are now in place for a total of €106,552 and this
popular event can now go ahead. The possibility of holding the fair during the
summer months was discussed. However, the decision was taken to wait until
Octoberdue to the heat and number of visitors that Torrevieja plays host to
during July and August. Instead it was agreed to wait until the quieter month
of October.
The delay did not put people off on Sunday. There was plenty of evidence of
the usual May Fair excitement with a good turn out and plenty of flamenco
dancing opposite the statue of the Purísima Concepción which is situated
close to playa del Cura. Those taking part were dressed in their traditional
suits and flamenco dresses and there was even a carriage to take some
participants to the monument.
People placed garlands of flowers at the statue and there were several horse
riders too to bring some extra glamour to the event. The crowd then went to
the parish of the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús where an official mass took
place, this time in honour of the Feria de Sevillanas rather than the Feria de
Later in the afternoon the candidates for the Sevillanas Queen were
presented. This is organised by the town hall in conjunction with the
Andalucian house ‘Rafael Alberti’. The May fair attracts people from all over
Spain but in particular from Andalucia which is the centre of the tradition.
It is perhaps Torrevieja’s most well known festivity and attracts visitors from all
over the world. It was sadly missed in May and for some, who book flights to
coincide with the dates, it will not be possible to celebrate it this year. As the
event is being held in October it will, however, coincide with the bank holiday
of the Virgen del Pilar. It is intended that the fair returns to its usual slot in May
in 2018.

Open day for the animal shelter

On the 30 th September it will be your chance to take a look at the animals
currently housed in Torrevieja’s animal shelter. The shelter is constantly in
demand for animals abandoned or dumped by their owners or found to have
been abused and in need of a new home. The open day will run from 11am to
Although those running the shelter do their very best to ensure that the
animals are as comfortable as possible, this is not a home. Volunteers walk
the dogs but for many of these animals who have been used to being the
family pet, the stay in the shelter is a traumatic one.
The Albergue’s aim is to match dogs and cats as quickly as possible with a
potential home. Councillor Carmen Morate is responsible for the shelter. ‘It’s
been a long hard summer for the abandoned animals,’ she explained. ‘And
there’s been a lot of work to do for the volunteers who have been trying to find
homes for them all.’
The shelter is located on calle Nenúfares and the shelter or Albergue is at the
end. Those coming to the open day will have chance to look around and see
the dogs and cats who are hoping to be homed. There will also be a workshop
for children and adults, an information table about volunteering at the shelter
and also about the association that supports the animals there; ‘Asociación
Animalista de Torrevieja’.
‘At the moment we have 35 dogs,’ says Councillor Morate. ‘They will be out
on parade on this day. There will also be a stand with vegan food and those
who come can also see the cattery where there are 30 cats who are waiting
for adoption.’
If you are not able to attend on the day but are interested in adopting a dog or
a cat then you can also visit the ‘Asociación Animalista de Torrevieja’
Facebook page where new arrivals are posted and people are kept informed
about those needing adoption.

Raising money for suicide awareness

It’s the perfect combination if you can raise money for a worthwhile cause
whilst having fun. That’s what a group of volunteers have been doing on
behalf of the Samaritans in Spain. They took part in a sponsored Zip Wire at
La Rufeta to raise money for suicide awareness.
The Samaritans in Spain receive many calls from people who are
experiencing such emotional distress that they are considering taking their
own life. Through encouraging people to talk and giving time, the volunteers
who are on the end of the Samaritan’s help line provide a much needed
listening ear.
However, it’s also important that society generally is aware and understands
the issues associated with suicide, depression and mental health generally.
There is still stigma around the subject that can prevent people from coming
forward when they really need to.
Events such as this are hoped to raise awareness generally amongst the
public. On this occasion it was organised by Maureen and Colin Smith of San
Luis, Torrevieja. Those participating included Maureen, Colin, Johnno, Kath
and Alex. Recording the event for posterity and a little publicity too was
Warren Bradley. Thanks go to all those who took part on the day as well as
those who sponsored them.

New head of Guardia Civil

The new Commander-in- Chief of the Guardia Civil in Torrevieja, Antonio José
Leal Bernabéu met the mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, in the town
hall on the 13 th September. The Commander leads around 200 officers and in
his new capacity the mayor discussed security issues for the town.
The meeting lasted for more than an hour and centred around the threat of
terrorism and what can be done to protect citizens. They also discussed the
relationship between the local police and the Guardia Civil and other
organisations such as the Civil Protection. Other topics under discussion
included environmental issues, animal protection and housing occupancy.
The mayor and the Commander agreed that they would maintain effective
communication and have regular meetings to ensure the smooth running of
the service. The mayor presented the Commander with a traditional salt boat.

N332 to be widened at last?

It is hard to see through all the claims and counter claims as to who is really
responsible for the bottleneck on the N332 as it passes through Torrevieja.
However, it does seem as though we might be moving towards a resolution of
the debate surrounding this controversial road.
The mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, has reported that the Ministry of
Development has once more taken up the issue and is prepared to set the
project in motion again. The mayor has received a letter from the Minister,
Inigo de la Serna, which indicates that the General Directorate of Highways
has decided to order the drafting and construction of the N332 through
The mayor displayed to the press on the 12 th September the number of letters
and other forms of communication that have been made by the present local
government. The expressed aim is to secure the reopening of the issue and a
commitment from the Spanish government to solving the problem once and
for all.
There has been debate over a period of years as to where exactly the
responsibility for the modifications to the N332 lie. Finally it would seem that
the national government is prepared to take responsibility and move ahead
with the much-needed changes. The citizens of Torrevieja and surrounding
areas will now wait anxiously to see if this commitment is acted on any time

Free tests for early detection of prostate cancer

The test is aimed for men over 45 years of age or from 40 years of age if there is family history.
The Hospital Quirónsalud Torrevieja, has launched a free campaign for the early detection of
prostate cancer. This initiative consists of a free PSA analysis followed by an appointment for a
consultation with urology.
Available to men living in the Vega Baja area of Alicante (Nationals and non nationals) from 45
years of age, if there is a family history, from 40 years of age. The campaign runs until 22nd
September  if you are interested you can obtain further information by telephone: 966 92 57
70, or by email prevencion.trv@quironsalud.es  or through the webpage
http://www.quironsalud.es/torrevieja/es .
A prior appointment is essential to avail of the free test and it is not necessary to come on an
empty stomach. The tests will be held in Torrevieja Quirónsalud Hospital and medical
centres in Quirónsalud Orihuela and Santa Pola .
The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of prevention and early
detection for a good prognosis of this disease. The intention is to “inform and raise public
awareness about prostate cancer as then there is a low risk of suffering with it. The aim is to
inform citizens of the effective prevention for prostate cancer in men aged 45 years and over.
A common barrier to prevention of this disease is the lack of information; therefore, we want
to familiarize society that with a simple blood test prostate cancer cure is possible if detected
in time, “explains Dr. Sven Petry, head of the Urology Unit Quirónsalud Torrevieja.
90% of these cases can be cured
Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men in the world and the first in
Europe. Each year about 25,000 new cases are detected in Spain, of which between 20% to
30% of patients diagnosed have relapsed in the disease because they have become resistant to
hormonal treatments. However, when detected early, 90% of these tumours can be cured,
said Dr. Petry.
The PSA test
PSA is a molecule known to be a marker for prostate cancer. When a tumour appears in the
prostate PSA production is uncontrolled and increases its concentration in blood. It is
considered a risk when PSA if greater than 10 ng / mL. When the PSA is between 4 and 10 ng /
mL studies are recommended to investigate why it is high, without suspecting prostate cancer.
The PSA test is also used to detect other prostate diseases such as benign prostatic hyperplasia
or prostate infection (prostatitis).
The PSA analysis test is easy to perform and non-invasive, it is a simple blood analysis. The results
should be interpreted with caution. To receive a negative test result "indicates that it is highly
unlikely that a person has prostate cancer, although the reliability is not 100%. Therefore, it is

Campaign to rid the streets of dog poo

Wherever you go in Torrevieja it seems as though you have to step around
the dog poo on the pavement. The inability of some people to clean up after
their pets brings the whole neighbourhood down and reflects badly on the
In a bid to address the problem, the mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón
has raised the issue of fines for those people who can’t manage to scoop a
poop. It might come as a surprise to know that the police already have the
capacity to fine people who leave their dogs’ faeces in public places.
However, it is very rare that they do so.
In a press release on the 29 th August, the mayor announced that he has
asked the Policia Local to increase their vigilance when it comes to spotting
those who allow the town to be used as an urban toilet. In Articles 15 and 22
there are local laws that order that hygiene must be maintained in the town
and place the obligation of removing excrement.
Dog owners should also be aware that dogs should do their business in the
road rather than on the pavement and in areas that are not intended for
pedestrians or playgrounds. It is expected that from September there will be
note taken of people who do not observe this local law. ‘Once the holiday
season is over,’ says the mayor. ‘During this time the police have many jobs
to do and it is more difficult to follow this up.’
Perhaps what’s particularly surprising is the figures for the number of fines
given in 2016. On only eight occasions have people been fined for not
cleaning up after their dog. A figure that is described as being shameful by the
mayor. ‘This figure does not correspond to the state of the streets,’ says the
mayor. ‘The city belongs to everyone and we must act rigorously on this. We
have to follow up the law. We wouldn’t allow other laws to be so little applied.’
The fines can total from €90 to €1,500 depending upon the level of
seriousness of the infringement. It will be interesting to see whether people do
take note of the new crack down and whether our streets become a poo-free

Hope for the municipal theatre?

The mayor of Torrevieja, José Manuel Dolón, has asked for authorisation from
the official school of architects to sign the ‘end of work’ certificate for el teatro
municipal. This is the certificate which is required before the opening
certificate or ‘licencia de apertura’ can be obtained.
The mayor explained that during the time that the theatre has been closed the
technicians have been working on the project to ensure that it can open with
all the necessary licences that it must have. ‘We haven’t been sleeping,’ he
explains. ‘But we had to do what was required. We didn’t want the theatre to
be closed either.’
The town hall has now told Acciona, to move ahead as quickly as possibly
with obtaining the opening licence. Finally it looks as though we are nearly at
the point where the town could see the reopening of its much-needed theatre.
Even when all the licences are obtained, it won’t just be the case of the
theatre immediately opening its doors. It has been closed for a while now and
will require a lick of paint and a deep clean to ensure that it is ready to
welcome the public.

Enjoy the park by moonlight

Torrevieja is a city of surprises and none more so than the area of the natural
lakes and park. On the 11 th August the evening tours of the Parque Natural
de Las Lagunas began. Many people took part in this visit around the lake,
seeking to find out more about this beautiful area and natural resource.
Of course, one of the benefits of touring the area at this time is to take
advantage of the cooler temperature whilst also enjoying the sunset. Two
guides led this first tour and informed them about the history of the area and
the natural habitat that it represents for many forms of wildlife. Participants
also heard about the agriculture that is traditional to this area and the different
fauna that you can find there.
If you were not able to take part in this tour then there will be many more
opportunities to find out about this wonderful natural resource in Torrevieja.
Similar tours will be held on the 28 th August and the 4 th and 8 th of September.
The tours take place starting at 8.30pm and last until around midnight.
‘The objective is that people discover the La Mata lake at dusk. It fills the
senses and you find out more about it through smell, hearing and touch,’
explains Councillor Fanny Serrano, councillor for the environment. ‘You do
need to be aware though that most of the tour takes place in the dark and
without any lighting except what’s naturally provided.’
The evening walks are part of a more extensive programme that is organised
by the Rutas Ecoturísticas which is planned to continue for the next four
years. Altogether there are 32 tours planned including 16 at night and 16
during the day. All of them are free with the purpose of raising awareness of
the park and its benefits.
The day visits are organised according to general information, aimed at
families and those that have a particular theme to them. In October it’s
planned to run days during which children are encouraged to take part and
play games. These will take place every Saturday or Sunday starting in
October (except for December and January).
Themed talks include the ‘La Mata, vineyards of water and salt’ during
October, February and June. These focus on the cultivation of grapes for wine
and salt extraction. During November, March, April and May there is a focus
on ornithology with the young and old encouraged to observe and learn more
about birdlife in the area.
Each of the visits includes information both in Spanish and English, has a
maximum of 50 participants and needs at least 20 people to take place. You
can sign up for one of the trips on the web page
www.turismodetorrevieja.com/ecorutas . Click on ‘registration form’ at the
bottom of the page and it will take you to the form to complete.
You can also book your visit at the tourism office on Paseo Vista Alegre from
Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm and Saturdays from 10am until 2pm. The next
route available for booking is another moonlight tour on the 28 th August. The
day routes will be available to book up to three weeks from the date they are
due to take place.

Football tournament against racism

Football is perhaps more often associated with racism than standing up
against it. Now Torrevieja town hall are hoping to reverse the trend by holding
their own mundialito or ‘world cup’ against racism on the 16 th September. It is
planned that eight mixed teams will take part.
The tournament is not only being held to raise awareness of racism and
xenophobia but also to promote gender equality through sport and to support
the local volunteers who help children with special needs. The tournament
was announced by Councillor Victor Ferrández and is supported by the
University of Alicante.
The tournament will take place in the town sports’ facilities as part of the
campaign ‘Torrevieja para Todas’ or ‘Torrevieja for everyone’. Councillor
Ferrández states; ‘This is the first football tournament to raise awareness of
the dangers of racism and xenophobia in football.’ It is an unusual event but
one that is hoped to convey a very important message and denounce
continuous discrimination.
The teams will be mixed in order to also draw attention to gender equality in
sport. Those taking part will donate two euros per player and this contribution
will go towards APANEE which is the parents’ association who raise money
for children with special needs.
There will be a football exhibition with participants from both the male and
female teams of Alicante University and Torrevieja Football Club. Being held
at the beginning of September, those taking part will not find it easy to play.
They, along with their sponsors, recognise the value of an event such as this
and it is hoped that more combined sporting events will take place in the
If you’re interested in taking part then you can email deportes@torrevieja.eu .
Registration closes on the 10 th September.

Residents at breaking point over N332

The people of Torrevieja, residents, tourists and visitors alike, can’t take much
more of the congestion on the N332. Now a petition has been launched on
Change.org demanding that something be done about the daily delays that
are bringing the town to a standstill.
It is the mayor of Torrevieja himself, José Manuel Dolón, who is asking people
to sign; a rather bizarre situation but a last resort when national government
seems to be taking no notice of the local government’s plea.
So far there are 1,588 signatures at the last time of accessing the site.
On the petition site it states:
The national road N332 is the main channel of communication linking
Torrevieja, a city with 90,000 on the padrón, with regions of Valencia and
Murcia. During holiday periods and at festival times this number rises to half a
million. The road is a dual carriageway with two lanes until you get to
Torrevieja where it converts into a bottleneck with thousands of vehicles
caught in a daily traffic jam. The project to double its size through the town
has been included in the general state budget since 2015 without it being put
into operation. As mayor of Torrevieja, I ask you to sign the petition because:
 This is a black spot on our roads that has already taken several lives
 Drivers must wait in long queues and experience tail backs
 It damages the reputation of the town which is often in the national
 It is a financial liability as it makes trade difficult with the rest of the
Vega Baja
 It prevents quick access to Torrevieja hospital
Above all, as mayor of the town, I have asked for the help of institutions,
associations and individuals in order to resolve this desperate situation for the
town’s people, tourists and the social and economic health of the area. I ask
that you sign up to this cause so that the Ministry of Public Works puts into
place the widening of the road as is indicated in the budget.
If you agree with the mayor and would like to sign the petition then you can do
so by:
 Going to the site https://www.change.org
 Finding the magnifying glass at the top and clicking
 Entering a search for CN 332
 Completing a few basic details including name, surname, email
address and postal code
 Clicking on ‘firma’ displayed on a red rectangle
It’s as easy as that.
In this paper we have been publishing over the past few months the attempts
of the local government to get their request heard. They had even proposed
putting up banners in key places on the road to advertise their frustration with
the lack of action. However, their application to do this was, unsurprisingly,
turned down. The mayor has also invited the relevant Minister to visit
Torrevieja to see the problem for himself.
It seems unbelievable that such steps are necessary to draw attention to such
an obvious problem that not only causes huge inconvenience but costs lives