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Three weekends of music

From 24 th June to the 7 th July there will be music by the sea on Saturdays and
Sundays. On the Paseo Juan Aparicio and by las piscinas naturales on the
front there will be musical entertainment from 8.30pm until 1 in the morning. It
will be a varied collection of musical types including bands from Australia,
Nepal, Colombia, France and Spain.
The initiative is being organised by the department of culture and will be free.
Councillor Domingo Pérez announced that it will consist of music from all over
the world. The only common factor will be the care that is taken to select
those taking part and their quality.
The event will begin on Sunday 24 th June with the group ‘Candeleros’ which
consists of Colombian and Venezuelan musicians followed by a session of
tropical/ electronic dance music by the Colombian duo ‘Guacamayo Tropical
DJs’. This type of music brings together new sounds that have taken over the
dance floors in the capital with more traditional Latin American and electronic
music sounds.
On 30 th June the music will continue with the performance of ‘Ed is Dead’ from
Madrid who will present their latest album ‘Your Last 48 hours’ which has
been acclaimed by critics and the public as the best electronic album of the
year in Spain. The band leader, producer and DJ will close the day with a
session that should delight electronic dance lovers.
The final performances will be on 7 th July with Nepal from Katmandú. This
band brings together the rhythms from the west, jazz and rock together with
the Nepalese tradition and music that takes us to the magical world of the
‘Lolo Lovina’ is a band of gypsies from Sydney Australia who perform a
mixture of swing, tango and even heavy metal. To conclude will be the French
DJ ‘DJ Grounchoo’ one of the main characters in the nightlife of Barcelona,
Río de Janeiro, Berlin, Rome and many other places. He will present a
session that includes ska, punk and Latin and electronic rhythms.

A happy ending in sight for the cemetery tree

What should be done with the eucalyptus tree that is a well-known landmark
outside the cemetery walls in Torrevieja? The tree is 3.6 metres in diameter
and has been a feature there for more than half a century. It is a rare species
of eucalyptus in Spain and is remembered and recognised by many visitors to
the town. However, its position and existence has been threatened by
Iberdrola’s plans to give more power to the desalination plant.
The news that it was to be moved caused great consternation amongst local
people. It has provided relief and solace for many on their journeys to and
from the cemetery and the idea that it should be re-located or even destroyed
has been met with horror.
It’s been under threat due to the laying of additional electricity cable needed to
double the capacity of the desalination plant. The tree lies bang in the middle
of the planned route for the cable. However, its predicament has attracted the
attention of many local people keen to see that the tree is not forced to budge
from its current location.
Some other trees in the area have already been moved. An olive tree and a
pine tree have been uprooted and replanted elsewhere. However, moving this
great tree is a more complicated procedure. Now, a solution has been found
at the last minute. An organisation called Dotor Árbol, a business from
Catalonia, specialises in the rescue and preservation of trees in similar
They use a special method that enables the cable to be placed below the
ground without the need to remove the tree. The good news is that this
operation will be paid for by Iberdrola and with a guarantee that the tree will
not be harmed as a result of the process, this has to be one piece of good

Machu Picchu climb for Rojales horse sanctuary

Four years ago, expat Elaine Sission visited Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre in Rojales and
was blown away by the sight of 90 rescued equines, all happy and well cared for. However,
she was shocked by the stories of abuse, starvation and neglect the rescued horses, ponies
and donkeys had endured before being rescued by Sue and Rod Weeding, the centre’s co-
That same year, Elaine made a pledge to help the horses and ever since she set herself a
major personal challenge to raise funds – this year, she’s pledged to complete the difficult
Machu Picchu climb in Peru.
“I was inspired by the dedication and hard work of Sue and Rod, making a huge difference
to the lives of equines and doing everything in their power to rehabilitate them and help
them recover from their abusive past,” said Elaine.
In 2015, she completed a sky dive; in March 2016, the unstoppable volunteer trained to
walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks; and in June 2017, at 60-years-old, she completed the
gruelling Tough Mudder endurance event.
Elaine also often holds teas, sells cakes, and organises raffles and fashion shows at her local
pub to help the horse sanctuary. To this day she has single-handedly raised more than
€4,000 for Easy Horse Care.
The sexagenarian again visited the centre in March this year and got the opportunity to
meet the centre’s official grandma, a recently rescued old mare named Beauty. The
battered mare needs special shoes to relieve her ruined legs, which inspired Elaine to set
herself another challenge and raise more funds for the centre.
“In August 2018, I will climb Machu Picchu in Peru. I’ll do the four-day Inca Trail,” said
Elaine, who has been training non-stop in the UK.
“Knowing the horses will live the rest of their lives in the comfort and safety of the rescue
centre makes me very happy.”
Donations to Elaine's fundraiser can be made online at:
Elaine’s Machu Picchu donation will be very timely as the centre recently rescued a family of
horses (a mother, son, daughter and auntie). The latest addition means that the sanctuary
now has to provide for almost 120 equines.
“I’ve made Sue and Rod’s motto mine: you can't save the world by saving one horse but you
can change the whole world for the horse that you save,” said Elaine.
So far she has helped change the world for 120 horses and counting – and Sue and Rod
couldn’t be more grateful.
The Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre relies entirely on donations to fund its important animal
welfare work. Donations of cash or items for the centre’s network of six charity shops across
the Alicante province are gratefully welcomed. A pick-up service is available to collect large
donated items such as furniture and each shop also offers a delivery service for large items
purchased in-store.
Anyone interested in making a donation, becoming a long-term sponsor, or volunteering at
the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre or in the charity shops can call Sue on 652 021 980.
The Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, located just outside Rojales at Partido Lo Garriga, 59,
opens to the public on the first Sunday of every month between 1pm and 4pm. A free horse
tour with centre co-founder Rod Weeding begins at 2pm and refreshments are available in
the café. For more details and directions, visitwww.easyhorsecare.net. For regular updates,
follow on Facebook at@EasyHorseCare.

Local police refuse to work overtime

The unions of the Orihuela Local Police have announced that their officers are not going to
work any overtime or work the established hours to cover events until an agreement is
reached over a series of improvements they have been proposing for several years.
In a statement they warned they are also considering “more serious measures which for the
moment will not be applied”. The unions explained “we have been trying to negotiate with
the Town Hall for years but so far nothing has been resolved”.
Their demands are as follows: Restore the 10 vacant places and take on as many additional
officers as possible under the law to meet needs; Scrap the process to hire Mobility Officers
and use the money to create new Police Officers. Regarding part-time officers, they demand
equal pay on different scales, a regulation to cover second jobs, compliance with agreed
working conditions, a committee to negotiate, establishment of minimum hours.
Councillor Mariola Rocamora said the system for covering events (sport, culture, social and
fiestas) is vital to guarantee people’s safety and was agreed to by unions, allowing officers
to volunteer for six hour shifts during the year and be paid €207 for each one.
She indicated the law allows large towns to appoint council workers who are not police as
Mobility Agents to direct traffic.
The union reps met with Councillor Rafael Almagro on Friday as a first step towards starting
negotiations. Unions warn events may not be able to go ahead, particularly in villages
and Orihuela Costa
“Not working extra shifts will mean less officers are available each day and at weekends,”
explained SPPLB union rep Francisco Cánovas. “If there are not enough then activities will
have to be postponed unless somebody wants to take responsibility in case something
The police force currently has about 140 officers but the unions calculate more than 200 are
needed to cover the whole municipality.
They say the creation of Mobility Officers to direct traffic “makes no sense” because they
could not issue fines and so “would be like any citizen who can call us if they see a drunk
driver but cannot fine them”.
Another meeting has been scheduled for next week.

‘If it wasn’t for Help at Home…I would be dead'

“If it wasn’t for the care, help and support from the charity Help at Home Costa Blanca I
would be dead now. There is no doubt they saved my life.”
These are the words from Martin, 62, who lives in Quesada. Martin hit rock bottom
after his wife, Denise, died in 2015, and a whole chapter of events afterwards dragged
him further and further towards taking his own life.
Thankfully a friend told Martin of the charity and urged him to get in touch – and bit by
bit his life began to turn a corner. A support team was set up helping Martin through
one crisis after another, and this month Martin went to the monthly meeting of
volunteers from the Quesada branch to personally thank them, and particularly the
three volunteers Steve and Margaret Jones and Tony Popplewell who were his main
Martin (we’re not giving his surname or address to preserve his identity) and his wife
ran a pub/restaurant in Derby and decided to emigrate to Spain to enjoy an early
All was fine for the couple until Denise fell ill with septicemia. She died on New Year’s
Day. But tragedy did not end there. Five months later Martin lost his pet dog, Sandy,
and then his best mate died five months after that and finally his father, who lived in
Canada, died.
If all this wasn’t enough, Martin was involved in a head-on car crash in April, 2016, and
suffered crushed legs. He had to be cut out of the vehicle because the engine has been
pushed back into the cab, and spent six days in hospital with months of recuperation.
Then, in June last year he suffered a stroke and was hospitalised again, this time for
eight days, and although it did not affect mobility, it resulted in his losing much of the
sight in his eyes for a time. In January this year he suffered a fall, breaking his wrist.
While in hospital doctors found he had a thinning of an artery and he would need a
stent. They tried to insert it through his groin, but found another blockage and he has
had another operation to insert the stent through his neck. Luckily Martin’s medical
problems were covered through the health care system.
As well as one medical problem after another and the loss of his wife, pet dog, friend
and father, he also faced a severe financial problem, caused by an insurance company
he thought he was covered by.
When he applied for settlement from the insurance on the life of his wife, the
company kept stalling, claiming that she had an on-going medical condition which
precluded settlement.
Months of legal argument followed but without success. He decided to put his house
on the market so he could pay on-going bills, but then discovered his passport had
expired, which stopped him selling, and he hadn’t the money to pay for a renewal.
This is where Help at Home came to his aid. They were already taking Martin here
there and everywhere – to the hospital, doctors, doing his shopping and sorting out
other day to day things.
But then the charity paid for the passport renewal and postage costs and the charity’s
solicitor put pressure on the insurance company and another solicitor, and finally a
settlement was reached, giving Martin a healthy settlement and financial security –
after three years of anguish.
It meant he no longer needed to sell his house.
Martin said: “There were so many things going wrong, one after the other. Thank
goodness Help at Home were there. They sorted things out and finally I was able to see
light at the end of the tunnel.”
Martin now wants to give something back to society. He said: “I thought I had friends
but when the chips were down some friends didn’t want to know. They all deserted
“Also the gossip and rumours did not help me. After my head-on smash some people
said I tried to commit suicide or I had alcohol in my blood, which were both not true
just malicious gossip.”
He added: “Thank goodness there are people in this world like the ones who give up
their time voluntarily to help others. Without them this world would be a terrible
“I have got my strength and my health back. I need to go to the dentist to sort my
teeth out, but I now want to work for Help at Home so I can give something back and
help people less fortunate than me. Perhaps I could do some painting and decorating,
or some gardening.”
And now Martin has got a new circle of friends – people who he can really call friends.

Family fun for ALPE

Yvette Cooper and Jan Harding are organising a huge charity event to raise money for
ALPE school for children with special needs. Jan is a Zumba instructor and together,
she and Yvette go to the school during October through to the end of May and teach
Zumba. The children go wild when the two ladies walk into the hall, and Yvette told the
Costa Blanca People, “We do two 45 minute classes, and the smiles on their faces make
the exertion and sweat worthwhile!”
The fundraising family fun event takes place on 16th June at Lo Crispin Tavern. Yvette
explained, “We have live acts from 11am doing 30 minutes each, BigFM will be
broadcasting live for us. We have a psychic medium, cake stall, various craft stalls, a
massive tombola, raffle with nine meal vouchers to be won amongst other things, guess
the teddy’s name, guess the number of sweets in the jar, skittles, pub jenga, pitch and
putt, bouncy castle for the little ones – it is going to be a great family day out.”

Orihuela Mayor denies false earnings

The Mayor of Orihuela Emilo Bascuñana has hit back at claims he has been taking money for a job he
hasn’t been doing. The Mayor claims the story is a ‘campaign to discredit’ him over a six year
position with Valencian Health Department
The story was published exclusively by el.diario.es and accused him of having taken a public wage
from the Valencian Health Department in Alicante between 2007 and 2014 – but not actually going
to work.
The PP Mayor told the media this was “absolutely false” and that he is contemplating legal action
against those responsible.
“I’ve done nothing irregular, nobody is paid a salary month after month of they don’t do their job,”
he said.
Eldiario.es had claimed that Snr Bascuñana was paid 14 instalments of €3,973 per year for the six
years he was assigned to the Health Department in Alicante, although it could not be confirmed he
went to the office every day.
The Mayor responded, saying that “some things leave a trace but others are harder to prove”.
According to him he was advising the Health Department and working as a doctor at different health
centres around the Vega Baja, a fact he said that “thousands of people he attended to can back up”.
“I’m not the one who has to prove I worked, but others have to show that I didn’t,” he said.
He put the “fake headline” down to a “smear campaign” by “someone who wants me out at any
price”. He pointed out that the claims come a year before the municipal elections, a time when the
PP has to announce a candidate.
He also said: “It worries me and I seriously question who and how this someone has had access to
my personal data.”
Before the Mayor’s press conference the spokespeople for the opposition parties – PSOE (Socialists)
and Cambiemos – had demanded explanations from him.
“It is a shame that Orihuela is being linked with corruption again,” said Socialist Carolina Gracia, who
made the point that Bascuñana was supposed to have been “someone clean to repair the corrupt
image” of the municipality.
Cambiemos said the allegations are “extremely serious” if true, while Ciudadanos, the PP’s partners
in the council, wanted to be prudent and here Snr Bascuñana’s explanations before doing anything.
Juan Ignacio López-Bas said the Valencian Health Department was also being “accused of paying a
salary for no work”.
PSOE said that it will ask for explanations from the Valencian Health Department to clear up what

Eagle owl rescued from Elche motorway

Guardia Civil traffic officers rescued an injured owl on the motorway in Elche. The rescue took
place early on Thursday morning on the A-7 when a member of the public reported seeing a
potentially injured owl on the motorway. A nearby traffic patrol made its way to the area and
managed to rescue the animal which had suffered a broken wing, presumably due to being hit
by a vehicle. Officers rescued the eagle owl and handed it over to Seprona, the environmental
wing of the Guardia Civil, where it was later transferred to a special recovery centre in Santa
The eagle owl is a species in danger of extinction and of a high ecological value. It is hoped that
once the animal has recovered from the injury at the Santa Faz Species Recovery Center it will
be returned to its natural habitat if they deem appropriate. According to statistics from
previous years, three quarters of the animals that are brought this centre are released at a
later date.

Time is running out for your tickets!

It’s nearly time for Stagestruck’s latest show. This year’s summer production
is ‘From a Jack to a King’ and will be particularly enjoyed if you’re a fan of
1960s music. There are three performances at the Cardenal Belluga Theatre
in San Fulgencio on the 17 th , 18 th and 19 th May. The script is an original one
written by Leigh Humphries.
This musical comedy is set in the East End of London in the late 1960s and
the opening scene is in the Hope Pub which has seen better days. You get to
meet some local ‘characters’ including Danny and Tommy – the die hard
regulars and Johnnie Bigg who is initially mistaken for a stripper. The show
takes us through the next four years and the changes in the characters and
their surroundings.
You will recognise your favourite actors, once more treading the boards. The
lead roles of Harry Grimes and Daphne Brown are played by Jim Speakman
and Jenny Dexter and they’re supported by a cast of 21. It’s a story of triumph
over adversity but with plenty to laugh at along the way.
It’s only €8 a ticket and proceeds from ticket sales go to a selection of local
charities with the main charity being Torrevieja Alzheimer Association. Tickets
are on sale at The Post Box, Quesada, The Post Room, Benijofar, The Card
Place, Benimar, Cards and More, La Marina, Kennedy's Supermarket,
Montesinos and Leaf's (Formerly Marabu Lounge), Quesada. Alternatively
you can reserve tickets by calling Leigh on 679679584 or emailing

Pop Goes the Choir return

After last year’s successful performance ‘Pop Goes the Choir’ from Burnham
in England are returning to Torrevieja. They will be singing on Sunday 13 th
May in the Paseo Maritimo Juan Aparicio, next to the Hombre del Mar. Their
performance was announced by Councillor Carmen Morate as the first event
this year in the Feria de ONGs or Charity Fair. An ONG is an officially
registered charity in Spain.
Different charities will have stalls in place on the paseo between 11am and
2pm on the 13 th May. On the stalls there will be information about what the
different charities do as well as opportunity to sell some merchandise.
Councillor Morate has asked voluntary associations and charities to sign up to
the event. ‘It is important that people can see what you do,’ she explained.
One of those charities attending will be Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre.
They will have a stall which includes information about how they help
abandoned and abused horses. They will be happy to answer your questions
and explain more about what they do. There will be t-shirts available to
purchase along with pictures and books too.
Pop Goes the Choir will be performing on the day at 12.45pm. This isn’t the
only performance they will be making. You can also see the choir in the
Casino on Friday 11 th May at 8.00pm and in the Paseo Juan Aparicio by the
Hombre del Mar on Saturday 12 th May at 7.30pm. The group perform songs
from the 50s to the present day in their own unique style for free.
The choir cover lots of well-known music from Queen to Madonna and have
been together since 2010. Some of the choir members have links with
Torrevieja and for this reason have chosen the town for the second year
running as a venue to share their music. They are a not for profit organisation
and they usually perform in the UK for different charities. Currently they have
120 members altogether and last year around 50 made it to the Costa Blanca
to entertain the crowds here too.
You can find out more about the choir by visiting their website

Focus on food and drink

The councillor for Tourism, Sofía Álvarez has confirmed the attendance of the municipality of
Orihuela at the trade fair "Alicante Gastronómica: Meeting of Mediterranean Lifestyle" an exhibition
of food and healthy living, which was held at IFA Alicante from Friday 4th to Monday 7th May, where
she believes that "Orihuela will play an important role in the province as one of the best gastronomic
destinations to discover".
Councillor Alvarez said: "The power of the municipality with its monuments, tradition, history,
nature tourism, sun and beach and golf, is complemented by local cuisine, based on the products of
the ‘garden’ and its tradition in the kitchens.”
Workshops and conferences, tastings, product sales and show-cooking demonstrations all took place
over the three days, and showed the public and professionals of the sector different gastronomic
specialties of the province. Orihuela showcased its best assets, ‘demonstrating the products of the
land, its rice dishes, and its gastronomy of the highest order’, the Councillor said.
Sophia Avarez wanted to thank the companies and collaborating associations that took part in this
event for their commitment. This included: Altos de Orihuela, Olé-Fruit, Salazones Pertusa,
Conservas Hortidesa, El Horno de Obispo and the Mediterranean Gastronomic Association.
Irish Pub Route Orihuela Costa
The Councillor for Tourism carried out the prize giving for the first Route of Irish Pubs of Orihuela
Costa that was held over the weekend of the 14 th and 15 April with the participation of 31 registered
Irish pubs taking part in the initiative.
The Councillor was accompanied by Raymond Kearney, representative of the Irish community in
Orihuela Costa, “which of the 101 nationalities that have made Orihuela home, is one of the most
numerous,” explained the Councillor. The Irish community has participated actively in this initiative
which aimed to unite people from across the municipality and encourage them to experience
different aspects of the area where they live. This success of the event has led to the commitment of
this community to carry out a second edition of this route soon.
The prizes consisted in the delivery of a bottle of wine along with merchandising and information on
the municipality, which includes the book recently published in English with Hernandian routes and
the biography of Miguel Hernández that can be explored in the municipality.
The winners were:
Best cover / Best Drink & Tapa
• The Abbey Tavern (La Florida)
• Slievenamon Irish Pub (Cabo Roig)
Best Presentation / Best Pub's Atmosphere
• Paddy's Point (La Zenia)
Best Decoration / Best Decoration
• The Depot (Cabo Roig)

"Play Clean" awareness campaign to keep Orihuela tidy

The councillor for Road Cleaning, Dámaso Aparicio, has presented the new awareness and
awareness campaign of the council for 2018, entitled "Play clean."
"With this slogan, we have the firm objective of raising awareness of the importance of caring for
the environment through small actions," said the councillor, "to help maintain cleanliness in the city,
beaches and districts of the municipality ."
The campaign which has already started will be developed throughout the year, focusing on the
actions that people can take to take care for the image of the municipality, such as the use of paper
mills, the care of street furniture, collecting the excreta of pets or taking out the garbage at the
established time, as well as the importance of recycling at source through the separation of waste in
the home.
A media campaign highlighting the principles of Play Clean will be carried out, with signage and
promotion, in addition to the creation of the website: orihuelalimpia.es/ with all the relative
information to the campaign and to the Concejalía.
Likewise, more than 30,000 information leaflets will be distributed throughout the municipality,
"which will be in Spanish, English and German in those directed to the residents of Orihuela Costa,
and in which special emphasis is placed on the timetables and places to perform the collection of
household goods and pruning, "explained Aparicio.
"We want to get people really involved in the cleaning and conservation of the municipality, because
it is everyone's task," said the councilman. "It will be the sum of those little anonymous gestures of
all citizens that help us to fulfil this goal, since it is not cleaner who cleans, but who less messes," he
Other actions of the Department
The councillor also gave an account of other complementary actions carried out by the area of
Urban Cleaning and Urban Waste in the municipality and that have aimed to facilitate recycling at
source through the selection and classification of urban waste.
These actions include the start-up of the two mobile eco-parks for Orihuela city, districts and
Orihuela Costa, awareness campaigns in schools in the municipality, as well as the distribution of
recycling selection boxes in municipal buildings and schools, as well as its installation in major events
of the municipality such as the Medieval Market.
Through these initiatives it has been possible to increase the recycling of paper, cardboard and light
packaging in the municipality, which in 2014 was 667 tons and has gone to 861. Likewise, in the case
of glass recycling, in 2014 1,900 tons were registered of this recycled material, increasing in 2017 to
2200 tons (75 percent of the total glass generated).
Aparicio has also pushed for the repair of one of the trucks of the Department, damaged in 2012 and
now road worthy once again is destined to begin collection work in Orihuela Costa, in addition to the
signing of an agreement with the organisation ECOEMBES for a greater number of recycling
containers, the glass recycling campaign for the summer, and the new IMEDES campaigns with the
educational and collaboration centres with the Vega Baja Waste Consortium, which will be
announced soon.